7 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for Dataforma

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Are You Ready to Make This Year Your Most Profitable?

Whether you are looking to increase your profitability per client, expand into new markets and/or work more efficiently, having a well-organized business with clean data and operational tracking at the start of the new year is essential to setting up your business for greater success! This means tracking your customers, projects, service work, quotes, and contracts in a central database.

Dataforma is built and managed by contractors, for contractors. We understand your day-to-day problems and needs and how we can help you solve them. While it’s true that Dataforma has carved out a niche in the roofing industry as the go-to roofing software provider, the fact is that our field service management software is designed for all types of contractors including roofing, solar, HVAC, restoration, plumbing, electrical, and more.

Dataforma is more than just a roofing software for only managing work orders and inspections, it’s the premier service management software that you can organize your entire contracting business around. Here are the seven reasons why you should sign up for Dataforma today.

#1 Start The Year Off Organized

Nowadays, data is the most essential resource for business growth. Over the last few decades, companies have been increasingly collecting and relying on data to strategize, make decisions, connect with customers, and measure their success.

Your customers’ personalized marketing journeys depend entirely on the data fueling them. If your data isn’t right, you will fail to give your customer the right experience, and over time your business’s reputation can be harmed.
With Dataforma’s features, you can quickly collect, analyze, and use your data in powerful ways — and it’s so easy to learn and set up, that anyone can start using it in less than 30 days! — What’s more, your data is stored securely and is fully accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Having clean and organized data will help your organization to increase overall productivity, streamline your customer’s data, and improve your customer relationships. You will also have easy access to the highest quality information at all times to help you run a smarter, faster, and stronger contracting business.

#2 Easy to Use and Learn

Dataforma’s service management software has many easy-to-use features for you to more efficiently perform daily tasks from the field to the office. Our team has developed a simple training process to help your business get off to a fast start using all of Dataforma’s powerful capabilities in no time.

In fact, it only takes one session to be up and running with work order management! On day 1, you’ll know how to create and manage work orders with ease. It may surprise you, but the platform is so easy to pick up that your team can learn how to use the whole system’s major functions in less than two weeks!

And, to make things more comfortable for our users, we offer live and online training sessions and 24-hour customer service to assist with any requests.

#3 Manage It All

From managing your entire project database to keeping track of customers, job site information and job scheduling, Dataforma offers powerful tools to help contractors run their businesses better.  Essential daily tasks such as dispatching, invoicing, service reports, managing work orders and projects, work history management, and other daily tasks are made easy!  Just think how much more you can accomplish without using paper tickets!

As ex-contractors ourselves, we know what challenges many in the construction and service management industry still face today — and we work tirelessly to create and support solutions for you to work smarter, better, and faster.

We believe in making tools that are easy to use from anywhere on any device! No matter the operating system or device you choose, our roofing software is compatible with MAC and Windows, and our Mobile App is compatible with both Android and iOS. So once you’re trained, and your existing customer data is added to the platform, you are ready to go!

#4 Simplifies All Processes

Dataforma provides an innovative way to streamline tasks for everything from tracking leads, bids and proposals, to documenting your customer’s building(s) service history, invoicing, internal reporting — and more.

Our field service management software provides an all-in-one solution for storing and managing business data and interacting with clients and teams in real time from the field to the office. Every piece of our system comes with in-depth features and advantages to give you and your customers the best experience possible.

We offer all the capabilities you need to operate more effectively and efficiently, wherever your work takes you.

You’ll be able to take back your time by completing more tasks in less time that are essential to running your operation.  Making your service and production departments paperless will increase communication between your office staff and field teams, create channels for better collecting and managing data on your customer’s service locations, and the beauty of reviewing, closing out, and invoicing work orders the same day.  Soon you’ll see how much more productive you can be with Dataforma by your side! 

Dataforma Field Service Management Software

#5 Money Wise & Time Saver

“After a great expenditure of dollars and time in an attempt to build our own Roof Asset management software, and after many years of looking at every shelf RAM software product, we chose Dataforma because it met all the criteria we had identified as essential to our business. Because Dataforma is so searchable and relational, it provided greater efficiency than any other software we researched.”
Darrick Gockerell, Owner — PSI ROOFING

Time and again, Dataforma users tell us how our software helped them to save hours, lower overhead costs, and increase the amount of productivity across their organization — letting them focus on growing their business!

Many businesses today have a broken process between field team inspections and report development. Time-wasting processes like taking pictures on-site with a mobile device, downloading them on the computer, and then uploading them to your client’s project, are part of the past.

While using our Mobile App your field team members can instantly take pictures of the client’s project at the moment, with no need for extra steps, super-fast and easy as this sounds. You can track, manage, and change all your field service data in real-time.

Paperless is faster! Tasks that used to be delayed by days or weeks (like creating a service request, creating the work order, interacting with field teams, uploading and updating data, and then sending the invoices to the client). With Dataforma, you can accomplish it the same day, and — depending on the client — it can take two days max.

#6 Track Everything

At Dataforma, you’ll find powerful features to run your business, such as:

Core CRM: track all your business’ data and reach your clients more effectively.
Mobile Time Cards: Empower your team to track their hours easily. They can clock in and out from anywhere, and the time logs integrate with your Payroll platform. 
GPS Tracker: Track all of your team members’ work hours and locations.
Customer Portal: Your clients can access your services and real-time work status updates through a web portal whenever they want to.
Service Management, and more.

Everything is ready for you to use, and — if there’s something you want to customize, guess what? You can do it!

And, because we want your business to be at the top of the game, we always think about how we can offer new features to help you to save time and give you what you and your team need to work more efficiently and intelligently.

#7 Exceptional Customer Service

When you choose Dataforma, we become one of your team members. From day one, one of our experts will advise and guide you.

We’ll be there at every step of your and your team’s learning process; we’ll always be happy and ready to help you with all your questions, requests, and needs for free!

Dataforma Field Service Management Software

We Know The Industry, We Know You

Our Dataforma team started as contractors who spent countless hours dealing with the same day-to-day challenges that you have.

After wasting tens of thousands of dollars — and valuable hours — on generic CRM systems and customized accounting packages, we came up with the idea of creating an all-in-one work management software ready for any challenge.

That’s why Dataforma was created. We used it with great success at our own company, and we quickly realized that our software could be used to help out our industry and our peers.

Now, companies across all 50 states and Canada choose Dataforma as their #1 roofing software, and we’re continually using feedback from our thousands of users to improve every day!

Meet Your Business’ Goals 

We gave you all the main reasons why you should choose Dataforma to start your new business year.

From helping you to manage your expenses, contacts, inventory, payments, to training your employees, Dataforma provides all the resources and features your business need to be successful while saving you time and money.

Transform your workflows today with Dataforma. Streamline operations, enhance customer service, and boost efficiency. Sign up for a demo to learn more and take your first step towards seamless field service management.


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