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Challenges Facing The Solar Industry Right Now

Current State of the Solar Energy Industry The solar industry has reached record highs in the last few years. Reduced costs, government incentives and widespread environmental concern have led to a boom in solar demand. By the end of September 2020, the United States had installed 67.9 GigaWatts alternating current (GWac) of solar photovoltaic systems. Photovoltaic modules […]

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How Solar Energy Is Changing the Construction Industry

The solar industry has boomed in recent years and will continue to do so. Solar’s impact on the energy market has reshaped the construction industry — solar’s exponential growth has led to construction growth, as well. Construction contractors are partnering with alternative energy producers to create large-scale solar projects.    As the demand for solar […]

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The Future Of The Solar Industry

  The sun’s power is one of the most readily available sources of renewable energy on Earth. Solar continues to be the fastest-growing renewable energy source, offering excellent future potential. With emerging net-zero emission goals and increasing sustainability regulations, that growth should continue. The future of solar energy is promising. Though solar power future projections […]

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How Is Project Management Software Being Used by Solar Companies and Solar Panel Contractors?

If you’re a solar contractor who works in the field, you need the freedom to focus on getting the job done accurately and creating quick estimates for customers. You don’t need to worry about handling paperwork or keeping track of everything the customer needs in a pile of notes. You can benefit from software that […]

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