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In the past, a field service or contracting company that wanted to keep track of its crews needed to buy an expensive GPS field service tracking system as a separate item. What’s more, for any company already using  cloud-based software, the addition of standalone GPS tracking field service software often resulted in the added hassle of having to use more than one platform to properly manage all field service work.

Add-ons that lack sufficient integration into the system only double the work of management and office staff, resulting in inaccurate data entry and extra time spent on redundant tasks. When information doesn’t synchronize across every channel, critical issues like scheduling conflicts can arise. For example, one system might show an employee has three jobs lined up for the day, but those jobs might not transfer to the other system, which says the employee has a free schedule.

Fortunately, the days of cumbersome software additions are over. Now, with Dataforma’s all-in-one field service management software with GPS tracking, having to use expensive standalone programs to verify crew locations and travel is a thing of the past.
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Dataforma's GPS trackers makes managing staff out in the field easy

Tracking employees via GPS is essential to any business that involves fieldwork, from sales to construction. It provides management with a means of holding their mobile employees accountable for sticking to schedules and following rules. This increased visibility can also help office staff better schedule field workers without overloading them, which can increase your business’s efficiency.

Dataforma’s GPS tracker allows you to see the location of each employee in real-time and instantly verify actual hours spent on the job site. Plus, it fully integrates into our Core CRM. Why waste time and resources on generic GPS systems when you can spend a quarter of your money and effort on a single, integrated program?

  • Take advantage of GPS data that automatically tie your projects to work orders for instantaneous verification of job hours.
  • Provide your clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’ll only receive a bill for actual hours spent on-site.
  • Decrease paperwork and reduce the risk of human error in manual data entry.


GPS Field Service Tracking For Technicians

At Dataforma, we specialize in providing web-based management services to companies operating in the construction industry. And now, our intuitive, cloud-based field service software is getting even better with integrated GPS tracking for technicians.

We’re able to provide you with integrated GPS tracking that seamlessly links your employees to work orders, projects and locations within your database.

Beyond cost savings and ease of platform compatibility, you’ll enjoy the following features with Dataforma’s GPS tracking software:

  • Access real-time location data: Whether you have a few, dozens or hundreds of technicians and representatives in the field, managing your team can pose challenges. With our GPS fleet tracking feature, you always have a real-time snapshot of where your team members are. Freed from the need to check in with manual status updates or call to share where they are, technicians can accomplish more with the knowledge that you have all that information via Dataforma’s comprehensive field service software.
  • Compare documented versus actual hours: Our GPS tracking software combined with our Mobile Time Card program makes tracking hours easy. Put an end to field service team members having to struggle with documenting hours on worksites. Technicians have enough to do, so marking hours is often the last thing on their minds. By integrating GPS tracking into your field service software solution, both you and your employees can check hours in real-time and know they’re accurate.
  • Better prepare your employees for jobs: Because the GPS software fully integrates into our CRM, field workers have access to each customer’s unique profile, which lets them know exactly what to expect when they arrive. The GPS data can also make job sites easier to find, providing technicians with customer addresses and location-specific information like key landmarks.
  • Filter and search for different fields: Take advantage of the freedom to search the way you choose. Quickly and easily filter your searches by individuals, teams or locations so you can better manage your crews, resources and projects. And for added efficiency, gain more precise insights into how much time each team member spends on any given project.
  • Increase communication between all parties: Even when everything is going right, delays are bound to happen. Dataforma’s software sends automatic notifications to customers any time their technician is running late. It also notifies the back office in case of emergencies. Your customers will appreciate your thought in keeping them in the loop, and you’ll be able to manage any unexpected issues.

These features work together to provide a streamlined customer and employee experience, even when office staff must work from home.

Dataforma’s ability to accurately predict arrival and job completion times can help maximize your business’s productivity by keeping your field workers on track to complete jobs on time. With a higher completion rate, you can take on more jobs and maximize your business’s productivity.

What’s more, the data the GPS collects can give you a better understanding of how best to improve business processes:

  • Driving Habits: Are technicians driving recklessly on their way to work sites? Our GPS program can flag them and notify you so you know what’s going on.
  • Materials: Is a technician running low on important materials for their next job? The system can flag them, notify dispatchers, suggest nearby technicians and alert customers to potential delays, all with minimal human interaction.
  • Emergencies: Did an emergency job pop up? Our software can shift around the schedules and priorities of multiple employees so they can take care of this new ticket while still accomplishing the day’s original workload.

You can trust Dataforma’s software and support team to help you continuously improve and expand your business.

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Trust Dataforma for Your GPS Management Systems

At Dataforma, we work with electrical, plumbing, roofing, HVAC, restoration and construction-related contractors to provide management software that makes a difference in their businesses. The addition of GPS tracking is another benefit to using our effective cloud-based software — it’s proven to save you time and money while increasing productivity and efficiency.

When you choose Dataforma, you’re not alone — our experienced and knowledgeable team is by your side every step of the way. We’ll help you take care of day-to-day management so you can focus more on growing and scaling your business. Choose Dataforma for your CRM and GPS management solutions. Contact us today to request a free demonstration of our management software complete with GPS field service tracking.
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