Track Equipment Without A Spreadsheet

truckDo you want to eliminate another spreadsheet in your office to keep track of your equipment?  Use the Dataforma “Equipment” module.  Our Equipment module tracks the current location of all equipment,  employee it’s currently assigned to, placed in service date, purchase price and more……

Equipment is classified into “Types” such as:
“Fleet Vehicles”:  Trucks, Company Cars, Cranes, etc.
“Office Equipment”:  Laptops, Cell Phones, Tablets, Copiers, etc.

Our contractors use Equipment Datum to track VIN #’s, Serial #’s and other numerical information associated with each piece of Equipment.  Our contractors use “Events” associated with Equipment to record important dates associated with each piece of Equipment (Maintenance Date, Registration Renewal Date, etc.)

One of the most common Events associated with Equipment is “Inspection Due Date“.  Using the message board in conjunction with adding these Events to the username who needs to be reminded on the upcoming inspections, allows the user to see these reminders in their Message Board when they log into the Dataforma system.  For example, the user could see all inspections that are due for all equipment next week in the Message Board, no Event searching necessary.



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