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If you operate a field service or construction-related contracting company, you already know how important every minute of the workday is to the success of your company. From managing field technicians’ schedules to sending out invoices, the efficient running of your business is a must. And with Core CRM from Dataforma, you can accomplish these tasks and more in a secure, cloud-based paperless fashion.

Yet, what’s also interesting is that for your employees, the ability to punch in and out without the hassle of a physical time card can have a positive impact on your entire company as well as on your customers.

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Seamless Field Service Employee Time Tracking

Dataforma Mobile Home Time Card Switching to a mobile time card system sounds simple enough. But for many contractors who already employ a CRM or other field service management system, the addition of a mobile time card system can mean having to set up a separate payroll and time tracking platform to do so. Clearly, if you’re looking to streamline your operations while going paperless, this isn’t an option that results in the kind of centralized control and time savings you’re aiming for.

Of course, the fractured nature of various generic software management systems is a well-known fact. And it’s probably due in large part to these software incompatibilities that 52 percent of today’s field service businesses still perform key management functions and work coordination via manual processes. Yet, at the same time, studies show that by 2020, more than 75 percent of field service companies with 50 employees or more want to be using mobile apps for much, if not all, of their remote reporting.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for the future to arrive or juggle multiple cumbersome software packages when you choose Dataforma’s Mobile Time Card — it’s just another sensible feature included in our comprehensive field service time tracking and management software.

Features of Dataforma’s Mobile Time Card

Dataforma Mobile Start Labor ButtonWith Dataforma’s field service time tracking, your office personnel are freed up from having to enter employees’ hours into multiple systems, while your field service technicians can use whatever mobile device they’re most comfortable with to accurately capture their work hours.

Imagine no more payroll disagreements or redundant paperwork to deal with ever again! Your technicians simply make use of their mobile devices to track and report their time. This can be done either as an individual employee or reported as a crew by a foreman — the choice is always yours.

Moreover, the Dataforma mobile time card eliminates other standalone systems by integrating labor tracking directly within the Dataforma mobile app!

Features of the mobile time card include:

  • Starting and stopping labor tracking with a simple click on your mobile device.
  • Crew chiefs can track as many laborers as they wish at a single time.
  • Allows employees to see individual work hours reported that week, eliminating paycheck disputes.

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