Built By Contractors, For Contractors

Our Dataforma team started as contractors who spent countless hours dealing with the same day-to-day issues that many in the construction and services management industry still face today, such as:

  • Tracking Bids
  • Document Storage
  • Service Department Management
  • Tracking Warranties
  • Finding Building Histories
  • And more


After wasting tens of thousands of dollars — and hours — on generic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and customized accounting packages, we realized we could do better. We kept working as contractors during the day, but after clocking out, we teamed up with a programmer to start development on Dataforma, Inc. After two long years, our original version was ready.

We used it with great success at our own company, but we quickly realized we could use it to help out our industry and our peers. So we quit our jobs as contractors and started bringing Dataforma to the rest of the world. Now you can find it in businesses across all 50 states and Canada, and we’re continually using feedback from our thousands of users to improve Dataforma every day. With over a decade of experience under our belt, we’ve become a trusted source in the construction industry for business management solutions.


What Is Dataforma?


While our original CRM system was robust, we’ve come a long way since then. Dataforma is now a full-service web-based business management system, designed for any business in the service management industry, including roofing and mechanical contract work, to help save time and money. Some of the tools in our solution include:

  • The Core CRM: Our Core CRM System allows businesses of all sizes to keep track of their data and reach their clients more effectively. With it, you get CRM, document storage, job scheduling, invoicing, lead tracking, sales scheduling, warranty management, paperless service management and more.
  • Mobile Time Cards: Punch in and out from anywhere in the field with a Time Card System that integrates with your CRM and payroll platform. This mobile card offers a streamlined process and can help minimize errors.
  • A GPS Tracker: Link up your projects and your GPS Tracker in a convenient system compatible with our Core CRM. By seamlessly integrating the two, you can more easily keep track of job hours and the location of your team members.
  • Customer Portal: With Dataforma, your clients can have 21st-century access to your services through a Web Portal, available to them 24/7. It offers more flexibility and security, along with streamlined modes of communication, like real-time status updates.

From managing project data to customer correspondence, site information and job scheduling, Dataforma offers powerful equipment to help contractors with a wide variety of business management tasks. Many of them are available on our convenient Mobile App as well.

Who is Dataforma Ideal For?

If you’re an industrial roofing contractor, a solar company, a plumbing expert, electrical contracting company, or any other type of contractor business working on commercial projects, then Dataforma was made for you.

Because Dataforma’s creators were contractors themselves, they understand your company’s day-to-day needs from storing documents, tracking warranties, finding commercial building histories, managing schedules, and keeping track of your employees out in the field via GPS.

Our proprietary CRM software provides your business with countless conveniences for all your commercial jobs. Over the years, Dataforma has proven to streamline companies, increase communication among staff, and improve overall revenue.

Dataforma has already helped 11,000+ field technicians across the United States and Canada. We want to help your business next.

How Can We Help Your Business?

Dataforma offers more than just a service. We continue to help your business with a comprehensive approach to customer care:

  • Assistance: We want to make sure you experience Dataforma to its fullest, so we can provide live, in-house training and ongoing support.
  • Response: Feedback is vital to the growth and continued work of any business, and Dataforma is no different. Many of our best tools stem from customer feedback. Plus, since our product is web-based, we can implement changes immediately, without requiring any annoying software updates or charges to get the latest and greatest version.
  • Growth: Technology is a fast-paced world. We’re keeping up with it and that translates to better tools in your hands. We provide in-house training, frequent follow-ups, live help 24/7 and monthly webinars to help you and your business get the most out of Dataforma.

Why Our Customers Love Dataforma

Clients all over the country find that Dataforma can help their business grow or improve. 

Eric Jurin of Jurin Roofing Services has said:

“Dataforma has the healthiest business ego I have ever encountered. Everything is about doing something today that will improve the way business is done tomorrow.

Your team is most intuitive and responsive to solving exactly the needs brought to them. Your solutions have a path and a timeline for implementations and that is conveyed concisely and deliberately without excuses.

The Dataforma team is a model for the future: being able to respond to “partners” requests for change and enhancement with only a pause to conclude how and when it will be accomplished. Amazing!”

Another reason that people turn to Dataforma is the all-in-one factor. Since we offer so much more than a CRM tool, many critical business functions can happen seamlessly and accurately, with more convenience. You don’t have to deal with multiple vendors, as Dataforma becomes your one-stop-shop.

Whether you do roofing, electrical work, HVAC, plumbing or any other kind of service management, Dataforma can get to work for you. Check out the features of our solution and contact a representative today for more information.
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