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How frustrating is it when you and your field personnel aren’t on the same page? And for your field technicians, how much of their productivity is lost when they don’t have the right forms, records and data to complete a particular job? Clearly, if you operate a field service or construction-related business, there has to be a better way for you to communicate with your field service personnel, regardless of where they are or what size job they’re on.

The answer, of course, is a field-ready subcontractor mobile app — like the one from Dataforma — that’s designed with the needs of contractors, remodelers, electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, and other field service workers in mind. The capabilities of our general contractor mobile apps will keep you and your staff connected like never before.

What’s so great about working with Dataforma is that we understand your business and your needs. Forget generic management apps — read on to see how Dataforma’s mobile app and Core CRM can propel your business to a new level of productivity.

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Dataforma’s Mobile App

dataforma mobile appDataforma offers the most comprehensive mobile applications in the construction industry. Our mobile Service/CRM app provides you with the technology to connect to your project management platform and client database when in the field or from wherever you can access the internet. With our latest field service mobile app, you’re able to complete inspections and reports for your clients before ever leaving the project.

Dataforma mobile CRM with field service app gives contractors the ability to better communicate with field service personnel by equipping them with technology to better serve your clients. For maximum convenience, we offer mobile software for iPad and iPhone iOS devices and Android operating systems so your technicians can always use their preferred type of device.

Our software, which offers all of the Core CRM capabilities on your phone or tablet, makes everything from complete work history, project contracts and invoices to purchase orders, open bids and proposals available on your choice of web-enabled mobile device. This provides your technicians with all the data they need at their fingertips, regardless of where they are in the field.

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Features of our Mobile CRM

Our mobile CRM offers the same capabilities as the Core CRM, including:


• Custom checklists

• Custom inspection report with photos from job site

• Email reports to customer or office from the job site

• Record existing site conditions before and after visits

• Photo upload from Dataforma mobile app

• Standardize the inspection process for your staff

• SAVE TIME generating inspection reports!

• Tracking of labor hours for projects and service work

• GPS tracker to compare recorded hours vs. actual hours and the daily activity of technicians

• The ability for salesmen to see all of their daily follow-ups and record new correspondence with prospects

Imagine how much more efficient and faster your workflow can become with our field service management app. Not only does it provide checklists and inspection reports that you can customize for each project, but it also enables your field service personnel to be in immediate contact with either the office or the customer from the job site.

With the ability to upload before and after photos directly from the site, there’s never any question about discrepancies. And with a standardized inspection process that’s supported by the right customized forms, you can save valuable time — time that’s better spent working for your customers, not filling out, filing, and reconciling forms. In addition, the automatic tracking of hours enables you, your technicians and your customers to see precisely how many hours were worked on each project. Combined with the GPS tracker, it allows you to see how long your field service personnel spend at any given location.

Finally, with the ability to see all of their new correspondence as well as their daily follow-ups, salesmen can always respond to customers in a timely and professional manner — no matter where they’re located.

Powerful and Secure Business Management Software for iPad, iPhone and Android

Dataforma is a comprehensive web-based mobile CRM that’s scalable so it can meet your business’s needs today and well into the future. It’s simply a must-have for every forward-thinking, growing business. Our software provides a seamless, secure connection between representatives in the field to a core web application and database that stores your data so you can more efficiently and effectively manage your business.

Learn more about how Dataforma keeps your confidential business documents secure by scheduling a free demo today. You can also schedule a demonstration on how to put our mobile roofing, field service and contractor software to work for your business.