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The results for contractors using the Dataforma Core CRM are almost too good to believe — except for the fact that they’re absolutely true!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), once relegated almost exclusively to online sales strategies and marketing software, is making the highly productive leap to the construction industry and trade-related services thanks to the insightful, forward-thinking expertise of Dataforma.

Paperless operations, streamlined invoicing, and better customer tracking are all possible Dataforma’s Core CRM.

Challenges Field Service Management Companies Face

Field Service CRM is crucial for your business to attract and retain customers. However, management is complex, leading to inaccuracies and an inefficient workflow. The three biggest challenges field service management companies face include managing customer relationships, handling scheduling conflicts and optimizing document storage and organization.

Customer Service and Relationship Management

Maintaining high service standards is crucial regardless of whether your company is large or small. That means smaller companies must keep up with larger competitors’ equipment, technology and customer service. However, smaller businesses can provide excellent customer service to remain competitive. Customers want easy access to your company on various platforms — either via phone or the web — so they can contact you with questions or requests for updates.

A system like Dataforma’s Core CRM ensures your customers remain central in your busy operation. You can manage multiple tasks on the same platform, tracking all relationships with customers and sales leads. Users will have the connectivity they crave with our Client Self-Service Portal. The portal will automatically notify you when a customer submits a new service request. They can also track the status of a job and see documents and site photos.

Who is dataforma ideal for?

Scheduling Conflicts and Tracking

Unless properly managed, scheduling can be stressful. Scheduling problems happen when two events occupy the same slot on the calendar. For example, two technicians could be booked for the same time slot, or a single team could be booked for multiple jobs.

Dataforma’s field service CRM platform can provide a solution to common scheduling conflicts. Our Core CRM allows your team to increase efficiency by decreasing the time you spend managing work orders. You can assign the appropriate technicians to the jobs they’re most qualified for.

With Dataforma, you can also track employees’ work hours more accurately with Mobile Time Cards and GPS tracking systems. Our time card system is already part of our software, so you can skip the effort of implementing multiple new platforms. Plus, our GPS tracking software shows you where crews are and helps you compare documented hours against how long an employee actually worked.

Document Storage

One of the biggest challenges field service managers face is document management and storage. Paper-based work orders and other documents can become damaged or lost when traveling back and forth between the field and the office. Gone are the days of inaccurate or missing paperwork! Customer relationship management software provides a centralized place to see all client data, manage jobs and contact co-workers. Your entire team can even access documents on the go with Dataforma’s mobile CRM field service app.

Dataforma Core CRM:
The Contractor’s Solution

Especially if you own a small or medium-sized business, you know how meaningful your customer relationships and word-of-mouth referrals are. At times, you may have felt like you’re behind on the management tasks related to your business, such as invoice processing, employee scheduling, time tracking and bid submissions.

It’s time to discover how our Core CRM can propel you to a brand-new level of control and efficiency.

Dataforma's Core CRM transforms field service management companies

Imagine eliminating doubling-up on data entry, misfiling and lost paperwork. With Dataforma Core CRM, you can say goodbye to all of these hassles and enjoy seamless tracking of all your client relationships.

From initial contacts and quote requests to job completions and overall customer histories, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of increasing the speed and accuracy with which you communicate with all of your clients.

Go Paperless — Go Core CRM

Dataforma's software can be used on mobile devices

Unlike other generic CRM systems, our Core CRM is specifically designed to assist contracting businesses — from locally-owned to nationally-focused companies. That means you can finally go paperless with the confidence that all of your essential documents will be accessible and all of your management systems will be compatible. And with this type of highly organized document and report management, you’ll save significant amounts of time, which will allow you to turn more of your attention to your customers.

After all, what’s the one thing that you want all of your customers to say about their experience with your business? That working with you was a pleasure! Right? And when you can better target and personalize your communication with each of your customers, the results are clear.

You increase the value you bring to each customer relationship and reduce the time it takes to resolve issues and convert interest into profitable deals. The end result is a big win-win for any contractor who’s serious about longevity and business growth.

With the Dataforma Core CRM — which forms the backbone of all of our products — you’ll be able to record every sales lead, run KPI reports and check your sales staff’s progress, all from wherever you access the internet.

Check out the wide range of features included with our Core CRM:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Document storage
  • Job scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Lead tracking
  • Paperless service management
  • Sales scheduling
  • Warranty management

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