5 Ways to Boost Your Restoration Business In 2021

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When managing flood and fire restoration services, it’s essential to have systems in place that help you grow sales and manage your business as efficiently as possible. 

Using Dataforma software for restoration management services, you can easily manage work, assign schedules, store documents, track jobs and set up new customers all from one place. Yet, an effective disaster restoration software solution is just one way to improve your restoration business’s operations.

5 Marketing Ideas for Restoration Companies  

Grow sales and improve your restoration business with these valuable marketing ideas for restoration companies:

  • Take an inventory of your foundational and soft assets: Pave the way for growth opportunities by taking stock of your assets — buildings and equipment, culture, customer service, industry knowledge and relationships. A deep dive into your company’s assets, processes and structure can help you pinpoint sales opportunities.
  • Understand your customers: Cultivating relationships with existing customers can be a meaningful way to satisfy unmet needs and establish a successful business. Ensure customers come back to you for your services by getting to know their wants and needs. 
  • Boost employee morale: Encouraging employee accountability and mentorship can represent another avenue for identifying new growth opportunities. Improve morale by investing in customer service and employee training. Appointing managers who listen to your employees’ questions, concerns and ideas will also boost morale at your company. 
  • Establish SMART goals: Setting goals to work toward will help you look for and identify new growth opportunities. A SMART goal helps you stay motivated while adhering to a clear vision over a set period. It is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.
  • Invest in restoration industry software: Disaster restoration software can help your business stay organized and streamline your processes, letting you save time and money. Dataforma offers a restoration management software solution that’s capable of growing along with your business. 

How Dataforma Can Help You Boost Your Restoration Business

Top restoration companies know how to efficiently coordinate their efforts with a wide range of business partners and be responsive to their clients’ needs at all times.

Dataforma knows how restoration companies work and has designed a disaster management software solution to help you focus your energy on providing excellent service to your customers. The cloud-based functionality enables you to access critical data on a 24/7 basis, whether you’re at the job site or on the road. You get the benefit of a single-source business management system that will store all your reporting processes and vital business data in one convenient location.

Our fire and water damage restoration management software is user-friendly and aims to improve communication and organization in every aspect of your business. You can rely on our disaster restoration solution for a broad suite of capabilities such as:

Learn How Dataforma Can Help You Maximize Efficiency

As the largest provider of web-based management tools in the restoration industry, Dataforma offers innovative software tools for a unique web-based experience. 

We assist contractors in managing everything in their business, from scheduling and emailing to correspondence records and project data. If you’d like to learn more about how we can boost your restoration business, reach out to us online to request a free software demo today.  



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