The Dataforma Pulse – July 2020 | Vol II

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Check out Dataforma’s new functionality and features in our quarterly newsletter!

The Dataforma Pulse

What’s going on in the World of Dataforma

July 2020 | Vol. II 

Keeping You Informed DF Style

Thank you for your outreach of support & feedback when we introduced our first quarterly newsletter (April).

We hope you enjoy this volume (II) as we are continuously working hard to provide value & up-to-date tech functionality to our awesome Dataforma partners.

Keep that feedback coming…

Upcoming Functionality

Habla Espanol? We are super excited to announce that we have a Spanish version of Dataforma on Android

Project aesthetics rebuild look good, feel good

DF is getting a bit of a facelift – we are upgrading our aesthetics as we upgrade functionality within modules.

The project module is getting a major overhaul with a vastly improved UI & better project management tools slated for reveal by end of September.

Client Portal Upgrade

Clients love this!

We are upgrading the client portal – stay tuned over the next few months.

The portal is getting a refresh & adding functionality upgrades to make the portal easier to use and view.

Clients will be able to see purchase orders applied to multiple buildings & all work applied to that purchase order.

Dataforma is a proud sponsor of this year’s Virtual Western Roofing Expo. Since contractors can’t make it to Vegas this year, WSRCA is bringing Vegas to you. Take a virtual tour starting July 1.

Check it out – 

Updates From The Previous Pulse…

Outlook Integration is Complete ! Now You Can Link to Outlook & Gmail

  • Create & send invoices from work orders w/out saving the invoice to the desktop
  • Reducing steps to make invoicing faster for your staff

Next up – we will be implementing other aspects of Outlook and we want your feedback! What do you want next? Events, meetings, appointments, email link to correspondence?

Mobile time card upgrades

We hope you are enjoying the “start new job” feature to easily change between work orders or process codes. Don’t forget to check out the new functionality for reg. Overtime or double time hours & set your policies for allocation of breaks/hours. We also added in worker verification through a pin drop. 

Inventory updates – August

Get ready for a new module in Sept:

  • Track materials to any warehouse
  • See quantities to remaining
  • Reallocate materials to other warehouses or jobs

Are you ready to search all of QuickFind?

Have you noticed the update? Set QuickFind to “All” & you can search contacts – companies – buildings – work orders one search

Happy customer

“Excellent tool for keeping all your project information in one place. The more you use it the better it gets.”

Don Bagley – Premiere Roofing

DF Partner (6 Months)

Dataforma Interns – Summer of 2020

Investing in our future, their future & your future

We are thrilled to have seven new interns and three alumni interns working virtually from our York, PA Headquarters. Many of our current developers began their career at Dataforma through this program and it is always a pleasure to have another summer (even though it is radically different than summers past) of bright energetic talented people join our team either for a brief period of time or a permanent position.

Our internship program cultivates computer science students into Software Engineers that are ready for real-world, enterprise-scale software development upon graduation. With mentorship as a cornerstone of the program, our interns learn from our super talented staff while working on production on production-grade projects & tasks. This is a great internship program based in PA for the computer science students. 

Let’s meet the team!

Our Dataforma development team interns who are joining us as “first-timers” come from various schools in Pennsylvania.

  • Patrick Nelson attends York College
  • Steven Hetrick attends Shippensburg
  • Nick Loser attends Millersville
  • LeQuient Lewis attends York College
  • Dylan BIeber attends York College

And we are super excited to see some familiar faces return to Dataforma this summer:

  • David McHugh, attends York College and is a returning template team intern from December 2019
  • Anthony Beddia is a returning template team intern from early 2020 and also a York College student
  • Since Jan of 2018, Phil Norris has interned at Dataforma in the template department. This summer he will be switching over to the software development team and continuing his studies at York College in the fall

And Drumroll Please…

Congrats to our alumni interns on accepting full-time positions within the Dataforma Development Team:

We are excited to welcome Taher Elfran into the Dataforma family. Taher was an intern for the Quality Assurance and Customer Service team, however as of today Taher is a full time team member of Dataforma. Taher graduated from Penn State – York. 

Christine Trihn has been with Dataforma as an intern in the template department since 2019. As a recent York College graduate, she has returned to join the software development team as well as assisting the template team.

Dataforma & our Partners during the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

June 30, 2020

Since we last issued our first volume of The Pulse we have all endured 90 more days (plus) with Covid-19 as part of our every day existence. Whether you were effected financially, health-wise or began the challenge of home schooling – we sincerely hope that there will be brighter days ahead for all. The World is still upside down with no crystal ball for the foreseeable future. 

We wanted to take a moment to thank our many partners who shared their Dataforma journey as the terms “work from home”, “virtual”, “safe” and “social distancing” became a new way of life. We have heard from many of our partners, customers and field service communities as to how Dataforma was an integral part of their company’s transition as we all scrambled to find best alternatives to running our businesses. 

When the company first came to fruition back in 2004, the idea was to create a roofing specific software as a way to communicate and run a business for commercial and residential roofers. Fast forward to present day where who could foresee that this product would assist with a “seemless transition during a pandemic” as Doug Klein, a 4th generation Roofer, CEO, hard worker & an original Dataforma champion mentioned from Klein Roofing. And When the crux of the pandemic hit, Raincoat Roofing (lead by Eric Suess, a new DF user and a powerhouse in the Roofing world_ embraced the shift to a virtual work space with open arms stating that “we have implemented virtual meetings using applications like Zoom and utilized our current software package Dataforma for scheduling purposes.” 

As zoom interviews and panel discussions were first hitting the airwaves in the Roofing world in March, we were happy to hear from our long time supporters Steve Little and Michelle Boykin. We remain huge fans of both companies and the people behind them. Steve LIttle is at the helm of K-Post Roofing and NRP (National Roofing Partners), a valued thought leader in this industry and an all-over good person. Michelle is the COO at Rackley Roofing, a passionate advocate for NWR (National Women in Roofing) and a champion of all things Roofing. Steve mentioned that “having Dataforma made the transition to work from home easy” and MIchelle noted during a RT3 webinar that “the company has been digital for several years using Dataforma, so the transition was fairly seamless. It helped that we were already on this path.”

As a cloud-based business, we are fortunate that no matter where you or your employees are, your Dataforma suite of tools will function to keep your business operating effectively. And as always – your data is well protected and our operations are running smoothly. During these interesting times, we want to remind you that customer service is the core of our Dataforma focus and that the Dataforma various resources are always readily available including our Customer Service Support Hotline as well as our Dataforma Academy.

Thank you for being a valued partner and for your continued trust of our organization. We are committed to giving you the support you need. YOur feedback is imperative to our increased and ever developing functionality and the additional resources we can provide. Thank you for the “shout-outs” and the referrals, but most importantly thank you for what you do everyday to lead your team during this time – your positivity, leadership and creativity is what keeps you at the top of this industry. Let us know what we can do to help us to serve you and best create the tools you need to grow your business. 

On behalf of all of us at Dataforma, Stay Healthy and let’s continue to lift each other up during these not so certain times.

Co-founders Mark Zeleznock, CEO & Daryl Maronic, President


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