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Dataforma Product Lineup

Dataforma has finally combined all of your separate systems into one, comprehensive program!

For contractors of all sizes, business management can be a time-consuming and increasingly complex responsibility. Dataforma business management software for contractors provides an innovative way to streamline tasks for everything from tracking leads, bids and proposals to documenting management, invoicing, internal reporting and more. With our web-enabled business management program, all the information and capabilities you need to operate more effectively and efficiently are at your fingertips — wherever your work takes you.

How Can Dataforma’s Products Help You?

  • A CRM for tracking all client conversations, history, and marketing
  • A scheduling interface for field service crews, production crews, office staff, and even human resource events
  • A place to track all sales opportunities and run customized reports to manage them more effectively
  • A centralized location to store all photos and documents in a single, secure database
  • A Dataforma Mobile App for any Apple or Android device that allows users to upload photos, create inspections, and run a paperless service department
  • A customizable dashboard to see the status of all work orders, sales opportunities, and open tasks

Who is Dataforma Ideal For?

If you’re an industrial roofing contractor, a solar company, a plumbing expert, electrical contracting company, or any other type of contractor business working on commercial projects, then Dataforma was made for you.

Because Dataforma’s creators were contractors themselves, they understand your company’s day-to-day needs from storing documents, tracking warranties, finding commercial building histories, managing schedules, and keeping track of your employees out in the field via GPS.

Our proprietary CRM software provides your business with countless conveniences for all your commercial jobs. Over the years, Dataforma has proven to streamline companies, increase communication among staff, and improve overall revenue.

Dataforma has already helped 11,000+ field technicians across the United States and Canada. We want to help your business next.

Dataforma Products

With our platform, you can utilize a variety of tools and programs, such as our customer relationship management (CRM) software, customer portal, GPS tracker, service management solutions and mobile time cards. When you utilize these products together, you can maximize your team’s efficiency and productivity with better communication, data sharing and more personalized tools.

1. Core CRM

CRM software is crucial to maintaining strong relationships with your customers and handling various management tasks. Our Core CRM allows you to seamlessly track all your client relationships. With our CRM software in your corner, you can expect to utilize:

  • Job scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Warranty management
  • Paperless service management
  • Document storage
  • Lead tracking
  • Sales scheduling

These capabilities allow you to quickly access and generate key information and documents to better serve customers. This comprehensive CRM software can be used by:

  • Service departments
  • Sales department
  • Project managers
  • Office support staff
  • Executive management

2. Service Management

Our service management software allows you to seamlessly perform invoicing, scheduling and updating. With our Field Service Management System, you can significantly reduce how long your staff must devote to manage work orders. Some of this product’s top features include invoice integration, daily job reports and easy document uploads.

Some of the main field service companies and professional trades using this software include:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical
  • Solar
  • General contracting
  • Remodeling and restoration


Our Customer Portal is designed for the unique needs of today’s customers. We help you provide a personalized experience for all your customers to ensure they’re fully informed. You can use our customer portal to choose what your customers see on your website, securely sharing key information like photos, documents, invoices, building info, work order info and project history with them. Some of the top users of our customer portal include:

  • Building owners
  • Outside consultants
  • Property managers


We designed our Mobile Time Card to help you better manage your field technicians’ invoices and schedules in a secure and cloud-based platform. Since this product is paperless and cloud-based, your employees won’t have to worry about physical time cards, giving them a convenient, hassle-free method to log their time. Some of the top features of our mobile time cards include:

  • Eliminating paycheck disputes with easy access to reported individual work hours
  • Tracking as many employees as you want at the same time
  • Starting and stopping labor tracking with one click from a mobile device


Instead of purchasing a costly, stand-alone GPS field service tracking system, you can use our GPS Tracker to keep an eye on every employee’s location via software on their smartphone. This GPS tracker also integrates easily with our Core CRM platform, allowing you to manage and review GPS data. Some of the main features of our GPS tracker include:

  • Compare actual versus documented hours
  • Access real-time location data
  • Filter and search by various fields


With our Mobile App, your team can inspect, report and update project and work order information directly from the job site. Since this app is available for both iPhone or Android, your team can easily implement it. Our app was designed with the particular needs of field service workers in mind, giving them an easy way to stay connected and have access to critical data, forms and records. Some of the top users of our mobile app include:

  • Service crews
  • Inspectors
  • Field technicians
  • Salespersons

Learn more about dataforma & the key benefits:

Dataforma Core System

The main web application & database that stores your data & manages your business.

  • Service Departments
  • Sales Department
  • Project Managers
  • Office Support Staff
  • Executive Management

Customer Portal

Sharing your photos, documents, invoices, building info, work order info, project history & more securely through your website.

  • Building Owners
  • Outside Consultants
  • Property Managers

Mobile App

Inspect, report, & update project & work order information directly from the job site. Available for both iPhone or Android.

  • Service Crews
  • Inspectors
  • Field Technicians
  • Salesman

Comprehensive Field Service Management

When you combine our products, you’ll receive a comprehensive field service management program. Our software provides an all-in-one solution for storing and managing business data and interacting with clients in real-time. Every piece of our system comes with in-depth features and various advantages to give you and your customers the best experience possible.

With our field service management software solutions, you can also expect your data to be protected. It delivers a cloud-based platform that keeps your business information and client interactions secure. Some of our top network security features include:

  • Fortress-like protection against manmade or natural disasters
  • Hourly data backups and 24/7 system monitoring
  • Controlled user access and 128-bit data encryption
  • Expert IT support and multiple fail-safe points

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Given our field service management software’s network security and many features, there are plenty of ways it can bolster your company’s workflow. Since we’re focused on helping field service businesses, you can expect programs geared to your company’s unique needs. With our workforce management tools, you’ll always know where your team is and the type of work they’re performing. As a result, you can streamline your operations and better serve your customers.

If you’re ready to give our management software solution a try, request a free demo today.