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Between tracking and scheduling many contractors, communicating with team members and storing and analyzing crucial documents, field service management can be daunting. 

However, Dataforma’s software offers a solution to the everyday challenges field service companies face. Created by contractors who were frustrated wasting time with antiquated field service and customer relationship management software, Dataforma streamlines and optimizes commercial service management. With our software’s ability to effectively manage projects, various team members across your company can rest easy knowing our solution will handle several essential internal functions.

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Dataforma Field Service Management Software 

Contractors have many tasks and clients to manage. Dataforma’s field service management software can help give employees peace of mind that it will carry out numerous crucial daily functions. Our easy-to-use, customizable dashboard streamlines commercial service management to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profits. 


Dataforma Field Service Management Software 

Service Work Management

Commercial field service software streamlines the field service management process.

You’ll benefit from a document management system that allows you to paperlessly transfer and store documents, optimizing service work management to maximize efficiency.

You can even access contracts, work orders, job reports and other forms and records from your smartphone when in the field.

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GPS Tracking

Rather than purchasing a cumbersome and expensive GPS tracking system, use Dataforma’s GPS tracker.

You can see where each employee travels and verify actual hours worked on a project without calling technicians to check-in.

Plus, our Google maps integration lets you see all open job locations at once, use multiple parameters to search projects, and provide directions between your office and job sites.

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Scheduling and Calendars

Organized scheduling is crucial for managing company-wide and individual calendars.

Contractors have many tasks to handle at once. However, field service management software allows team members to view meetings and events anywhere with an internet connection.

Service and work order calendar management maximize assets by scheduling team members for jobs that most match their skills.

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Building Work History

Instant access to all past Service Work Orders and Production Projects.

View all current or expired Warranties, including PDF copies.

Document the current roof system, manufacturer, dimensions, and specific products and quantities installed.

Store all roof drawings, photos and all other documents associated with the building in one place.

Record important building relationships: owner company and contacts, property management company and contacts, etc.

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Invoicing, purchase orders and payables

Dataforma’s commercial service management software will help you manage all your financial information.

Expedite the invoice generation process by creating invoices directly from work orders. Plus, our software will help ensure invoices are accurate and delivered on time.

Beyond invoicing, our purchase order and payable management feature lets you generate new purchase orders quickly, track material costs by project and improve budgeting by comparing initial estimates with final expenses.

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Document Management

Any file that can be saved on your computer can be uploaded into Dataforma.

Documents are stored in relationship to a specific file for quick retrieval (work order, project, building, etc.).

Document resizer allows large file-size photos to be uploaded quickly and take up less space.

Retrieve documents from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Multiple doc upload feature allows users to drag and drop groups of documents at one time.

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Lead Tracking

Generating leads is crucial for any contractor to be successful.

Field service management software allows you to efficiently document, access and manage leads, including assigning leads and notifying sales team members of new ones.

Collecting and analyzing lead data can identify more effective ways to market.

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Bid Tracking

Quickly creating professional project bids is crucial to closing more leads.

Dataforma’s commercial field service software allows you to create custom bids and store them in a color-coded calendar.

With our secure cloud-based system, you can access and edit bids from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Generate & Manage Proposals & Reports

Dataforma streamlines proposal and report creation and management, ensuring the documents you produce are consistent with your company’s brand.

The Dataforma Library allows you to set standard text blocks and create customized templates to generate new proposals and internal reports quickly.

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Project / Contract Management

Easily update the status throughout the project (Lead->Pending->Approved->Completed).

Add the contract amount/date and capture detailed estimated vs. actual costing information.

Mark awarded projects as open to view current backlog, work on hand.

View work on hand $ in message board on home page in real time.

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Warranty Management

Warranties help customers rest assured you’ll perform quality services.

Build trust with customers with Dataforma’s warranty management software.

Our system provides a centralized location to store, track and analyze warranties, scan and upload documents, notify clients of expiring warranties and create customized warranty templates.

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Correspondence Management

Communication is crucial to any company’s success, and contracting companies must regularly contact many stakeholders.

A correspondence management system gives you greater control over both internal and client-facing communications.

Plus, you can manage mass email marketing campaigns more effectively and create and distribute newsletters.

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Manage Individual & Company Calendars

View all meetings along with human resource and personal events in one place.

Filter calendars by specific users or event types.

View availability for office staff when trying to schedule meetings.

Record individual/personal days on employee calendars.

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Customizable Dashboard

Instantly view critical company figures on the home page.

View Work On Hand $, Open Follow-Ups, Open Work Orders, etc. all in one place.

View snapshot summary of all projects/leads.

Leads (#) with approximate $.

Pending projects (#) with approximate $.

All links take you to the actual records that make up the figures.

Program dashboard to view information specific to each user name.

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Create and Document Group / Mass Mailers

Generate Email Blasts using the contact information stored in the Dataforma system.

Create Mass Mailers that export into a customizable letter document.

Use groups to quickly find all contacts that you want to send mailers (newsletters, Christmas cards, etc.).

The contacts file in your database builds very quickly when all of your employees enter every customer they meet.

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Internal Reports

Accounts Receivable, Building, Installation, Project and Work Order Reports.

Apply search filters to make reports unique for your company.

Quickly report on:

– Total S.F. of roofing installed by roof type

– All projects completed for a specific customer

– Find data needed to complete pre-qualification statements

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Basic Accounting & System Integration

Setup Entities and Divisions, chart of accounts.

Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables.

Project/job costing.

Fixed asset management, equipment module.

Inventory management.

Cash receipts.

Purchase orders.

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Purchase Orders and Payables

Create Purchase Orders for projects, using the product catalog to quickly populate the description and pricing information.

Create Payables to track material costs for projects and apply them against your budget/estimate.

Track the purchase history for specific products to easily spot price fluctuations.

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Quick and Easy Searching and Sorting

Busy contractors can benefit from Dataforma’s commercial service management software by efficiently organizing documents, so you have peace of mind knowing you can always access and find what you need.

Paperless document storage eliminates time wasted searching for files. You’ll also increase customer service by finding documents more quickly.

Plus, detailed searches can help you analyze building work history to identify areas for improvement.

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Google Maps Integration

Plot all of your open job locations on a Google map.

Use the “Get Directions” function to provide directions from your office to the project or work order location.

The Building and Work Order’s general information page contains a pinpoint location of the address and allows you to open it in Google Maps with one click.

Plot all buildings with a specific type of roof system installed.

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Customized User & Company Defaults

Use the user-specific Quick-Print function to instantly export a common template (Invoice, Work Order Ticket, etc.).

Pre-populate creation forms with typical information to eliminate unnecessary repetitive clicks in the system.

Select default views for modules so that you can view what you would like to as soon as you open the page.

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