Dataforma Features

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Service Work Management

Create Service Tickets while speaking to the building representative.

Quickly capture key information such as the Reported By contact, Building, Invoice To company/contact, Work Description, etc.

Never lose a service ticket – Work Orders are permanently documented.

Identify bottlenecks through latency reports.

Store employee and material costs/burden for automated work order costing

Message board on home page displays number of reports, scheduled and completed to be invoiced work orders

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GPS Tracking

Enjoy real-time location data of technicians and representatives in the field.

Compare documented vs. actual hours to identify any areas of significant discrepancy.

Quickly and easily filter and search by user or location to see hours on site and manage your team and projects more effectively.

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Service/Work Order Calendar

Drag-and-Drop reported work orders to Schedule/Dispatch Service crews.

Work Orders that need to be scheduled can be filtered by Building location or type of work for quick, logical scheduling.

Work Orders color coded by crew/service foreman.

Saves a permanent history of the service schedule.

Work order font color indicates if the work has been completed or not.

Multiple views to see Monthly, Weekly or Daily schedules.

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Building Work History

Instant access to all past Service Work Orders and Production Projects.

View all current or expired Warranties, including PDF copies.

Document the current roof system, manufacturer, dimensions, and specific products and quantities installed.

Store all roof drawings, photos and all other documents associated with the building in one place.

Record important building relationships: owner company and contacts, property management company and contacts, etc.

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Quickly generate invoices directly from the Work Order or Project.

Invoices pull information from Work Orders to expedite the invoicing process.

Share A/R information with the office staff without giving them access to Accounting.

Manage overdue invoices and track collection efforts.

Invoice reporting features for buildings, customers and aging.

Put customers on credit hold, enter credit limits.

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Document Management

Any file that can be saved on your computer can be uploaded into Dataforma.

Documents are stored in relationship to a specific file for quick retrieval (work order, project, building, etc.).

Document resizer allows large file-size photos to be uploaded quickly and take up less space.

Retrieve documents from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Multiple doc upload feature allows users to drag and drop groups of documents at one time.

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Lead Tracking

Easily create, view, and print new leads.

Organize leads by salesperson, type of work, etc.

Store a history of leads/opportunities on any specific building.

Run weekly sales meetings directly from the system.

View the source and close ratio of leads. Analyze reports to decide where to spend future marketing dollars.

Generate reports to view close ratios by salesperson, type of work, or any combination of numerous search filters.

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Bid Tracking

Creating a bid from a lead takes just seconds.

Bid calendar shows all bids for the company, color-coded by salesperson.

Easily update project bids directly from the calendar view.

Organize/filter bids on bid calendar, by salesperson, type of work, etc..

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Generate & Manage Proposals & Reports

Generate proposals directly from Dataforma.

The proposal format is completely customizable, match your current format.

Standard text such as Scope of Work and Exclusions are added to the Dataforma Library. Retrieve the library language to quickly generate a Proposal. Using the library language saves time, creates consistency and reduces spelling errors.

Other reports can include roof evaluations and inspection reports.

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Project / Contract Management

Easily update the status throughout the project (Lead->Pending->Approved->Completed).

Add the contract amount/date and capture detailed estimated vs. actual costing information.

Mark awarded projects as open to view current backlog, work on hand.

View work on hand $ in message board on home page in real time.

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Warranty Management

Permanently document all Manufacturer and Workmanship Warranties.

Upload a scanned image of the Manufacturer warranty to the file.

Print Workmanship Warranties into a customized template and send to your customer.

Easily generate mass marketing letters from expiring Warranties to sell additional services.

View all past and current warranties on existing buildings

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Correspondence Management

Track all key communications including phone conversations, mail, faxes, emails and meetings.

Assists with Sales, Project Management, Inter-office communication, Invoice collections and Marketing.

Use follow-ups as reminders of future tasks that need completed.

Generate mass mailers and emails.

Improve communication, set up and track reminders.

Open follow-ups show up in message board on home page as reminders.

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Manage Individual & Company Calendars

View all meetings along with human resource and personal events in one place.

Filter calendars by specific users or event types.

View availability for office staff when trying to schedule meetings.

Record individual/personal days on employee calendars.

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Customizable Dashboard

Instantly view critical company figures on the home page.

View Work On Hand $, Open Follow-Ups, Open Work Orders, etc. all in one place.

View snapshot summary of all projects/leads.

Leads (#) with approximate $.

Pending projects (#) with approximate $.

All links take you to the actual records that make up the figures.

Program dashboard to view information specific to each user name.

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Create and Document Group / Mass Mailers

Generate Email Blasts using the contact information stored in the Dataforma system.

Create Mass Mailers that export into a customizable letter document.

Use groups to quickly find all contacts that you want to send mailers (newsletters, Christmas cards, etc.).

The contacts file in your database builds very quickly when all of your employees enter every customer they meet.

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Internal Reports

Accounts Receivable, Building, Installation, Project and Work Order Reports.

Apply search filters to make reports unique for your company.

Quickly report on:

– Total S.F. of roofing installed by roof type

– All projects completed for a specific customer

– Find data needed to complete pre-qualification statements

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Basic Accounting & System Integration

Setup Entities and Divisions, chart of accounts.

Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables.

Project/job costing.

Fixed asset management, equipment module.

Inventory management.

Cash receipts.

Purchase orders.

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Purchase Orders and Payables

Create Purchase Orders for projects, using the product catalog to quickly populate the description and pricing information.

Create Payables to track material costs for projects and apply them against your budget/estimate.

Track the purchase history for specific products to easily spot price fluctuations.

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Quick and Easy Searching and Sorting

Use the quick search links within all modules to easily sort files.

Use the in-depth search to apply any variety of filters for detailed searches.

Views can be sorted by using the advanced search link.

All fields displaying in the message board are active links to real time search results/reports.

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Google Maps Integration

Plot all of your open job locations on a Google map.

Use the “Get Directions” function to provide directions from your office to the project or work order location.

The Building and Work Order’s general information page contains a pinpoint location of the address and allows you to open it in Google Maps with one click.

Plot all buildings with a specific type of roof system installed.

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Customized User & Company Defaults

Use the user-specific Quick-Print function to instantly export a common template (Invoice, Work Order Ticket, etc.).

Pre-populate creation forms with typical information to eliminate unnecessary repetitive clicks in the system.

Select default views for modules so that you can view what you would like to as soon as you open the page.

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