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Our business is adding value to your business. Dataforma understands that good, long term business relationships are built on solid partnerships, not transaction-driven sales. If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. We are dedicated to serving YOU, our partner.

Dataforma’s network of partners across the country are elated with what our system has done for their business and operations.

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Who was dataforma made for?





“Dataforma is a robust CRM software that has helped G. Fedale leverage data to improve customer communication and data analysis. Service request response is very good.

We are happy with the transition support and our decision to switch to Dataforma.”

Allen Fedale
Vice President

“Our company has enjoyed generations of success in south Texas, but we knew there had to be a better way to accomplish the tasks our office performs every day.

This is what led us to Dataforma, helping our company track bids, photos, proposals and all of our company’s information…my father is now even using his computer!”

Franzoso Contracting, Inc.

“Two years ago we chose Dataforma for our database and CRM needs after using another well-known CRM that offered fewer options and capabilities. It is a database that we can grow into. It allows us to track sales, revenue, financials and gives us the ability to generate reports easily, or customize reports for our specific needs.

The program and employees of Dataforma have made our processing and paper-flow more efficient, saving us money and giving us better information that everyone can access.”

Mark Sackerson
Sales Manager
Best Contracting Services, Inc.

“Dataforma has proved to be an invaluable tool in managing our service department. Having history of the building at your fingertips when a leak call is placed immediately assists in seeing outstanding proposals, warranty information, building details, and the history of service effortlessly.

Correspondence is also an irreplaceable tool. Whether you are recording an email, a collection note, status note or sending a correspondence on multiple work orders, it is one screen and the correspondence is fully integrated in the system. We look forward to utilizing the mobile App in the near future and are very excited about another powerful tool offered by Dataforma.”

Marina Esquivel
Service Manager
Southern Coast Enterprises, Inc.

“Dataforma is a fantastic program! It’s easy to learn and even easier to use. The training sessions were great. Everyone at Dataforma is extremely knowledgeable and patient.

I like the fact that they are constantly adding new features that make it easy to be in the field and use this program. Dataforma has definitely been a good investment.”

Maggie Barrett
L&M Co. (A Division of Nieto Contractors, Inc.)

“We just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Dataforma for providing us with an indispensable, organized, all in one, user friendly program.

We all love the “One Stop Shop.” P.S. We love you all at Dataforma.”

Michele Nieto-Nilson
Account Manager
Houck Services, Inc.

“In 2003, I was one of the first to see the original version of Dataforma. It was the most powerful and intuitive CRM relational database I had ever seen. In 2004, they added more value to the system by streamlining the Work Order process.

Now with the Customer Portal our customers can see the progress of their work orders in real time. These continual system improvements are evidence that a computing utility service is superior to conventional software. Because this is a web-based service, we can access our information from anywhere… at anytime. Dataforma is the future of computing services for the construction industry. I don’t know what system improvements they will be rolling out in the future but I am sure the development will be the result of customer feedback. Isn’t that the way all products should be developed?”

Gary Houck
Cotterman & Company, Inc.

“We have been with Dataforma for 7 years now. During this time our company has experienced dramatic growth with additions of satellite offices.

Their system has been instrumental to improving our organization. The centralized database has been a great communication tool throughout the entire company. The mobile app was easily implemented by our field employees and has eliminated the majority of paperwork problems.”

Mike Cotterman
Pegnato Roof Intelligence Network

“The system is easy to use, but extremely comprehensive. We were up and running within two days, including training. The Dataforma team has helped us see how existing processes work best for our business, and has helped us customize as it makes sense.

The regular webinars allow us to stay up to date with all the new developments. They have been on hand to train our new personnel. My customers use the Client Portal to access their portfolio information, and I am able to keep proposed work in front of my staff and clients for consideration at all times.

Dataforma is constantly upgrading the system, and I am looking forward to the addition of the financial package. I plan to take full advantage of it.”

Maryella Pegnato
Sales Manager
AAA Roofing, Inc.

“The Client Portal has become one of AAA Roofing’s most effective sales tools. Our clients love the ability to generate; track and review service requests and our staff love the organization and ease of use that Dataforma provides.

Our company has been able to grow in new ways, without adding overhead.”

Mike Huntington
Service Manager
Foran’s Roofing

“Dataforma has improved all aspects of our service department from point of call, dispatch and proposal turnaround. Sales and customer satisfaction have never been higher by offering the Client Portal service.

If you are looking for a way to get your foot in the door, the Client Portal will get you there. Ease of training, navigation and overall use have made it a seamless transition from our old carbon copies and spreadsheets.”

Matt Foran
Vice President
B&M Roofing

“Dataforma is a powerful tool. It allows us to monitor, document, and organize virtually every aspect of our business. We are continually discovering new ways to use Dataforma to increase our efficiency and professionalism within the marketplace.

The Dataforma support staff has been excellent and responsive in tailoring the system to fit our particular needs.”

Scott Kawulok
Executive Project Manager
Bigham Taylor Roofing

“The interactive client portal gives us a huge advantage over our competitors. Offering an interactive client portal is usually available only with large, national companies, but with Dataforma we can now offer our clients this premier service too.

During a recent rain storm, BT Roof took in over 400 calls over 3 days. Over half of those work orders were entered online. Without the Client Portal, it would have required more office personnel to handle the calls. BT Roof continues to receive over half of their service requests via the Dataforma Client Portal.”

Darby Lampi
Service Manager
GSM Roofing

“Although I was hesitant to sign on with Dataforma, I realized that my vision for organizing our electronic information was not only created but better than what I could have expected.

The strength of Dataforma is the team behind the program and their willingness to listen to all of their partners and continue to add to and modify an already outstanding product. It is evident that the team at Dataforma has a philosophy of continual improvement.”

J. Reed Gooding
Jurin Roofing

“Dataforma has the healthiest business ego I have ever encountered. Everything is about doing something today that will improve the way business is done tomorrow. Your team is most intuitive and responsive to solving exactly the needs brought to them. Your solutions have a path and a timeline for implementations and that is conveyed concisely and deliberately without excuses.

The Dataforma team is a model for the future: being able to respond to “partners” requests for change and enhancement with only a pause to conclude how and when it will be accomplished. Amazing!”

Eric Jurin
Chief Executive Officer
PSI Roofing

“After a great expenditure of dollars and time in an attempt to build our own Roof Asset Management software and after many years of looking at every off the shelf RAM software product, we eventually chose Dataforma because it met nearly all the criteria we had identified as essential to our business.

Because Dataforma is so searchable and relational, it provided greater efficiency than any other software we researched.”

Darrick Gockerell
KPost Roofing

“Using one, web-enabled system instead of three makes KPost more efficient and productive!”

Keith Post
Springer Peterson Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.

“The only thing that can match the performance of Dataforma is the exemplary customer service. We look forward to the day when we use Dataforma to process our accounting and payroll and is the only construction software we need.”

Kathy Law
Office Manager
Star Roofing, Inc.

“We are so pleased not only with the Dataforma system, but also with the training and follow up by you and your staff. I have had several discussions with our service department regarding the change to Dataforma, and they tell me that the change was easily accomplished and that they receive excellent responses to their questions in the way of timeliness and online assistance.

We believe that the use of Dataforma as our primary system for our service department will greatly improve our service abilities and profitability.”

John Yoder
Rackley Roofing

“We started using Dataforma about 7 years ago, and we grew from 1 service truck to now we have 22 service trucks, so for us it’s been huge! We have multiple offices across the state of Tennessee, and we’re able to use Dataforma no matter where we are, because you’ve got the mobile app that you can use, and so, for us it’s great – we can dispatch from anywhere.

There have been times on a Saturday morning that I have an emergency roof leak and I can do it all from the phone, and I don’t have to worry about being in my office, or waiting for somebody to email me something. The crews love it because all of the information is right there, and we love it because that data is instantaneous. When the crews get done with a roof leak, all of the information is there for us to check, and we can get an invoice out the same day if we’re working good enough. So, we love Dataforma.”

Michelle Boykin
Chief Operating Officer