Tips on Doing Roof Inspections with Dataforma

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Roof Inspections can be completed via the Work Order module in Dataforma.  The following are some of the advantages of using Work Orders for Roof Inspections:

1.  The companies, contacts and buildings involved with a roof inspection more than likely already exist in your Dataforma database.  If they don’t already exist, it only makes sense to enter them.

2.  Work Order Checklists are customizable in your database based on the WO Type and Subtype.  If you want an 18 point checklist for an asphalt shingle roof inspection, no problem.

3.  Attach digital photos directly with checklist items, include these photos in your custom inspection templates.

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4.  Use the Library feature to quickly add detailed, professional language to your inspection reports and photo comments.

5.  App 3.0 will allow users to complete Work Order checklists directly via the App, including digital photos with each checklist item.  3.0 is scheduled to be releases within the next two months.

6.  Each Dataforma partner company can customize your roof inspection template, make it unique to your company.

Don’t wait for the release of App 3.0 to have the DF templating team build your custom inspection template, we’re expecting a mad rush in April! Call or email Jordan today to start the process of designing your custom roof inspection template, test the template prior to the App 3.0 release.

7.  Schedule roof inspections as far in the future as desired.  If you sell a multi-year roof inspection contract, simply create the future Roof Inspection Work Orders today, each with work dates in the future years so they can’t be forgotten.

8.  If you bill for roof inspections, the financial responsibility for Work Orders is ‘External’.  Simple enough to process the field ticket and invoice the inspection like most Work Orders.

9.  If you have roof inspections that you don’t bill for, then the financial responsibility for those Work Orders is simply ‘Internal’.  The system never looks for these to be invoiced, but still keeps the record of the inspection.

10.  You will save LOTS of time completing your custom roof inspections in Word, cutting and pasting photos in specific portions of the doc.  Create consistency with your roof inspections, on the roof (reminders for the technicians) and in your reports (with a custom template).


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