How Solar Management Software Can Improve Customer Experience

A solar project coordinator checks a laptop at a commercial jobsite

Installing solar panels on the roofs of commercial buildings can help business entities save significant amounts of money on their utilities. To reach that phase, your solar customer service options need to be able to guide your clients through the setup process. Having organized and functional software can help you keep your current patrons informed and assist you in adding new customers. 

At Dataforma, we have the technology that allows you to maintain total transparency with your consumers and employees. Field service management software for companies selling solar equipment offers numerous benefits that translate to pluses for customers as well. If you’re looking for a solution, we can provide you with the tools you need to be successful. 

The Sales Process for Solar Panel Customers

There are many steps involved when a customer orders solar installations for their buildings, including discussing factors such as measurements, prices and materials. The customer may feel hesitant if there are mismatches between their desires and what you’re offering. That’s why it’s essential to be ready to answer your clients’ questions at the touch of a button.

Combining your patrons’ needs and your field workers’ information into one system helps make the sales process go smoothly. Dataforma gives you a paperless and reliable program that streamlines solar sales and helps your customers stay happy and informed thanks to the regular updates. 

Who is dataforma ideal for?

Applications for Solar Customer Service

Paper tickets for your contracts and constant calls and texts between workers can slow down your customer service. Software that provides service management eases communication requirements and eliminates the need to make physical copies thanks to its live online system. You can use this technology for:

Solar services can be simple thanks to the expertise of Dataforma. We understand that scheduling your installations needs to be quick and efficient. Our managing program allows you to take your customers through the solar sales process and increase your employees’ teamwork.

Benefits of Solar Management for Solar Customer Satisfaction

Keep in mind that your current clients receive offers from all kinds of companies trying to sell them a product. To stand out, you need to go above and beyond to deliver a premium product and exemplary service. With solar management software, your solar company can give each consumer what they want because it allows you to closely monitor the progress of each project and provide updates on your team’s work. 

Other benefits of our solar management program include:

  • Tracking bids for each project
  • Integrating invoices through Outlook and Google
  • Retaining all communication between you and anyone involved
  • Maintaining the schedule of repairs
  • Ongoing API updates

Field service management benefits your company by improving your customers’ experience and satisfaction. Dataforma can give you that with the ability to maintain transparency on both sides of the job. Our online software works on both computers and smartphones, so your employees always have the client’s information with them everywhere they go. 

Improve Solar Customer Experience With Dataforma

Dataforma can help your company deliver the kind of excellent solar customer service that will make you a key player in this competitive industry. Sign up for a free demonstration of our software now to manage your company to its highest potential.   


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