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At your next company staff meeting, ask everyone on your staff if ALL business contacts are being entered into your Dataforma database.  Why?  We want to ensure when you are doing marketing via your Dataforma system in Correspondence, all of the intended recipients are receiving the mass emails or letters.

Example, if you are only entering home owners who you contract with versus every homeowner or residential customer you meet, your mass emails / letters are not reaching the intended audience.  If you decide to run a marketing campaign about a special on gutter replacement for example, you will reach all past customers, but not the potential customers who may want or need gutter replacement that you previously sent proposals to for roof replacement, but did not enter in the database.

Who was dataforma made for?

On the commercial side, enter ALL contacts from all meetings.  If you have a school roof replacement pre-bid meeting for example with little or no chance of being the successful bid on the roof replacement project, you might not think it’s worth the time to enter the representatives from the school as “Contacts” in your database.  However, if you do a mass email or letter campaign to all “Building Owner Representatives” about emergency roofing service, these contacts will not receive your information, and thus may never become service customers either.

Also, remind everyone at your meeting that if they are entering Companies and Contacts into the databases, it’s essential that they enter COMPLETE Company and Contact information.  This includes; mobile phone numbers, email addresses and accurate Company and Contact types for future marketing campaigns.

If you are struggling to manage your contacts because you don’t have an all-in-one CRM, we can help! Request a completely free demo to see Dataforma in action.

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