3 Ways Dataforma Can Make You More Money

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We all know that in today’s highly competitive market, contractors want to do everything they can to provide the best service, efficiently manage their organization, and simultaneously boost their business across all facets.

Field service software is one of the best paths to improve your contracting business’s efficiency and productivity, all while improving your opportunities, customer retention, closing ratio, and gross profit. But not all construction software platforms are created equally and provide everything you need to accomplish your company’s goals.

Dataforma’s field service software was created by contractors, for contractors as a digital solution to help companies save countless hours dealing with the same issues that many in the construction industry were struggling with.

We understand the unique challenges of running a construction company and what you need to help you succeed, from tracking bids and warranties to efficiently managing a service department to, mobile time tracking, work orders, invoicing, and onwards.

Let’s dive into the main benefits of what Dataforma has for you to boost your construction business’s profits.

3 Ways Dataforma Can Make You More Money

#1 Improves Sales Teams Performance

Our field service management software allows sales managers and department heads to help their teams stay on task, view all work order costs, manage sales opportunities, process invoices, access reports, and manage the status of any project or work order at any given time. No need to confer with office staff or chase down reports – all the information is right there at your fingertips.

Dataforma also allows comprehensive views of real-time job profitability, the ability to fully manage the backlog of work, and CRM compatibility to strengthen existing customer relationships and foster new ones. Additionally, you can leverage this powerful data to manage your sales cycle more effectively to help set better goals, drive your sales teams toward clearer objectives, and ultimately increase your business’s profitability.

Moreover, the sales team can track which locations are under warranty versus which are not, allowing you to leverage this information to upsell preventative maintenance work. And because you have instant access to all of your customers’ entire work order history, you can use this data to make smart recommendations that provide real value, meaning more opportunities and stickier customers. 

Our work order software lets you spend more time making your customers happy rather than killing time performing tedious tasks or rummaging through file cabinets trying to find what you’re looking for.  With Dataforma’s field service software, you’ll take back your time by only spending hours on what used to take days.

With more time, you can focus on what truly matters – your customers and your people. 

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#2 Improves Your Customer Service

Field service software is crucial for your construction business to attract and retain customers.

Dataforma’s Core CRM helps with contractors’ three significant challenges: managing customer relationships, handling scheduling conflicts, and optimizing document storage and organization.

Our field service software allows you to easily manage multiple tasks on the same platform, tracking all customer relationships and sales leads. Moreover, you can have the connectivity you crave with our Customer Portal. The portal can automatically notify you when a customer submits a new service request and lets you track the status of any project or work order and see field notes and job site photos in real-time and from any device.

You’ll win loyalty and trust by providing your customers with comprehensive information in real time.  Happy customers are more likely to stay with you, recommend you, and even leave positive reviews so you can generate more business with new and existing opportunities.

Having the data at your fingertips will also allow you to make smarter and well-founded recommendations to your customers based on their past service history. With this new level of transparency, you can offer valuable information to assist them in their decision-making process, meaning you’re earning more opportunities for delivering helpful information in a timely manner.

#3 Improves Efficiency and Resources

Dataforma’s digital database stores your leads, projects, work orders, customer information, paperwork, and more in one centralized location, saving you thousands in printing, paper, and storage costs, not to mention massive improvements to interdepartmental communication.

Dataforma allows you to manage your entire contracting business from a single platform, no matter where you are. With an internet connection, you’ll have all the power you need to manage your work orders.

In fact, we’ve seen customers in times of inclement weather (i.e., hurricanes) move their operations remotely, and thanks to Dataforma, they can keep their operations nimble from afar.

Your office personnel can utilize customized dashboards and get updated data in real time from the field with no paperwork and delays. They can also quickly schedule crews with a geographic focus, meaning more service calls, less time, less gas, and a better plan of who is best equipped for the job and where to dispatch them.

All of Dataforma’s features not only let managers organize their business in a way that helps companies increase profitability, but it helps to manage your staff to make better decisions about putting the right people in the right seats (and at the right time).

On top of that, you can find powerful tools and software integrations that don’t require an added subscription, allowing you to invest in growing your production capabilities, improving communications, and saving time.

Unlock The True Potential of Your Construction Business

Given our field service optimization management software’s capabilities and powerful features, there are plenty of ways Dataforma helps construction companies improve their daily processes.

Streamlining your day-to-day operations makes you and your team more efficient, which lets you finish projects faster and with higher-quality work, meaning your staff will feel more fulfilled, and your customers will be satisfied too.

Our field service software lets you know what is happening and what’s next for your company. And because you’ll be able to do more with less, you can focus on what matters most in your business – your customers and your team.

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Ready to Grow With Dataforma?

With better scheduling, reporting, invoicing, work order management, and seamless updates, Dataforma can help your business scale and grow with increased productivity, employee collaboration, and customer satisfaction.

Since we’re focused on assisting roofing businesses — and we have been successfully helping thousands of users across the United States and Canada for almost 20 years — you can rely on our Dataforma’s field service software and trust our support team to help you expand your business as well.

Don’t postpone your construction business’ success anymore: REQUEST A FREE DEMO TODAY!


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