Dataforma Is The Best Roofing Software For Your Business

We know that your job as a roofing contractor is a lot of hard work. You need easy and fast solutions to minimize time-consuming tasks, and what could be better than managing it all in a single easy-to-use platform?

Dataforma is the #1 Roofing Software for contractors who want to take their business to the next level. As an all-in-one Roof Management Software, Dataforma is designed to manage and streamline every aspect of your organization with the Best Roofing Tools you need on a daily basis. It’s the one tool to grow your roofing business while delivering a remarkable user experience.

While other contractor software requires additional third-party apps to create a complete solution, Dataforma allows you to streamline every aspect of your day-to-day operations using a single system. From tracking leads and proposals to organizing and simplifying work order management, maintaining service and warranty history, invoicing, dispatching, internal reporting, and so much more.

Our mobile-friendly and easy-to-use software has all the capabilities to help you better manage all of your projects and work orders more efficiently. It automatically syncs across all devices and users, so everyone from the jobsite to the office can see exactly what is going on in real time.

Discover all of Dataforma’s unique and industry-defining features that can help your business more efficiently manage projects and accomplish tasks more effectively than ever before. Spend less time and resources on administrative tasks and invest more time and energy into taking on new clients and projects with these amazing features!

Dataforma Roofing Software

Dataforma’s Core CRM: The Contractor’s Solution

Maintaining high service standards is crucial for your business to attract and retain customers. Unlike other generic CRM systems, our roofing CRM Software is specifically designed for — well you guessed it — roofers. That means you can ensure that every customer stays up-to-date and top-of-mind within a CRM database designed with you in mind.

It also provides a centralized platform to upload and securely store all documentation including roof dispatch/service history, before/after photos, estimates/proposals, roof warranty information, etc. On top of that, all uploads can be instantly shared with your team and your customers via our mobile software on either iOS or Android operating systems. This means that you can go truly paperless knowing that all of your company’s essential documents will be accessible and that your management systems will be compatible without a complicated setup or installation process.

Dataforma’s Core CRM provides a simple solution to better manage the field team’s schedule and dramatically reduces the time spent managing work orders and assigning the right technicians to the jobs they’re most qualified for.

In our Customer Portal, each of your customers has access to their buildings’ entire work order history, including before/after photos, warranty information, roof inspections, and proposals for review. This open access allows your customers the ability to track the status of any job at any time as well as be able to submit a new service request(s).

On top of all that, you can efficiently manage multiple tasks within a single platform, including invoicing, lead tracking and sales, roof warranty management, estimating, and scheduling.

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Service Management: Do More With Less

Dataforma is so much more than just a Field Service CRM software that helps you manage all of your data and documents.

From a field technician uploading photos of a job site to a manager quickly updating an inspection report, our Service Management Software was designed to help you:

  • Never lose track of a call or your customer’s service history
  • Allow field technicians to see site histories, upload before/after/job progress photos, add labor hours, travel time, and materials
  • Capture customer’s signatures with Dataforma’s Mobile App
  • Use our work order system to integrate your existing systems
  • Invoice the same day the service was performed with customized invoice templates
  • Scheduling with instant notifications to field employees

With better scheduling, reporting, invoicing, and seamless updates, Dataforma can help your roofing business scale and grow with increased productivity, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and employee collaboration and engagement.

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Dataforma Service Management Software

Better Communication Equals Better Results

For today’s successful roofing businesses, having an accessible and personalized customer experience is key! If you require that your customers only contact you Monday through Friday during regular business hours, you’re going to keep missing out on potential business opportunities. As the saying goes “We do what today what others won’t, so tomorrow we can do what others can’t.”

With Dataforma’s Customer Portal you can give your customers the access they’re looking for to feel confident about engaging with your services, requesting more information, and viewing a project’s progress whenever they want. There’s a dedicated dashboard to check the status of any projects or work orders and submit new work requests that directly notify your management team with an email alert.

Most importantly, your clients can access their information through your website and only see exactly what you want them to see. Work order history, budgets, proposals for review, and warranty data can be shared in real-time.

By offering easy and on-demand access to data through a responsive Customer Portal, you’re guaranteed to increase your roofing business and grow your base of repeat customers.

Once your customers are actively using your portal, it’ll become a fast and easy way to securely share information and also keep all interactions productive, focused, and timely. The ability to share service reports, job progress photos, outstanding proposals, invoices, and provide scheduling updates all in real-time. That’s the special sauce that Dataforma provides your roofing business to help your company grow!

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Forget About Payment Disagreements

You already know how important every minute of the workday is to the efficiency and success of your company. From sending invoices to managing all field technician’s schedules, having the right Roofing Software is a must!

Dataforma’s Mobile Time Card allows faster and more accurate time tracking for everyone in your organization using whatever mobile device they’re most comfortable with. Also, it’s already part of our software, so you can skip the effort of implementing multiple new platforms.

Common issues such as missing, incorrect, or excessive labor hours, payroll disagreements, and redundant paperwork are no longer a headache. You can use our Mobile Time Card for each individual employee and have a foreman’s report for the whole crew. With just a click, employees can clock in and clock out from their mobile devices, foreman and superintendents can track as many laborers as they wish at a single time, and everyone can see their work hours reported each week, eliminating any paycheck disputes and allowing instant approval of payments.

Besides field service optimization, organization, and management, Dataforma’s Mobile Time Card helps project managers track all project costs in real time with more accuracy. Estimators can use historical averages on labor activity to produce better and more competitive proposals.

And you can increase your roofing business’ margins and streamline operational workflow to stay ahead of your competitors by using our #1 Roof Management Software.

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Track it All, in One Single Platform

At Dataforma, we’ve converted our decades of field experience as roofing contractors into the perfect roofing business solution.

We know – and you know – that tracking employees via GPS is essential. When the data doesn’t synchronize well across every channel, critical issues, like scheduling conflicts and discrepancies in travel time, can show up.

You don’t need to pay for an expensive and stand-alone GPS system or a third-party schedule optimization software anymore. Our integrated GPS Tracker combined with our Dataforma’s Mobile Time Card lets you see and compare documented hours versus actual hours spent on the jobsite in a single platform, and provides real-time access to the historical data on the location of all of your employees.

Dataforma’s all-in-one Roofing Software Programs with GPS Tracking allow you to manage all aspects of your business’s daily operations by holding your mobile employees accountable for sticking to schedules and following rules. It also seamlessly links your employees to work orders, projects, and locations within your database.

With this information, your office staff can accurately track travel time and better predict job completion times to more efficiently dispatch and optimize the field crew’s schedules. This gives your roofing business the opportunity to maximize productivity and increase trust with your customers.

Because our GPS fully integrates with our Dataforma’s Core CRM, field workers have access to every customer’s profile, letting them know exactly what to expect when they arrive onsite. They have easy access to location-specific information, such as onsite contact information, roof type, service history, not to exceed (NTE) $ amount, etc.

Even more, this data from the field to the office is done in real-time to help you run a faster, smarter roofing business. For example, if your crew is wrapping a job early you can simultaneously redirect them to another service ticket or emergency request to capitalize on the day. Or you’ll know if your crew’s labor hours and materials are running under or over on a project so you can make adjustments before the project is too far along.

Not to mention it’ll provide you insights on which of your field crews are best for what type of work i.e T&M leak investigation/repairs vs production work. With confidence you’ll be able to back up invoices with verified travel time, labor hours, equipment, and materials used; no more worrying about one of your field technicians “milking” hours on a job.

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Roofing Software From Dataforma

Stay Connected. Anytime, Anywhere

To retain your top customers you need to identify and create processes that help make your roofing company easy to do business with.

Dataforma’s Mobile App and Dataforma’s Core CRM are going to take your roofing business to a whole new level of productivity by helping you maximize operational efficiency and prevent profit loss stemming from inefficiencies.

In order to make sure your team understands your business’s mission to work towards the same goal, our mobile workforce management software streamlines connectivity and communication between field technicians, clients, and office staff, increasing your entire workforce’s satisfaction and productivity.

It allows you to connect your project management platform and client database when in the field in real time, and it gives your contractors the ability to better communicate with the field service staff by equipping them with technology to better serve your customers.

Available for iOS and Android operating systems, Dataforma’s Mobile App makes everyone’s jobs easier, plain and simple. From scheduling, dispatching, and completing service requests to issuing purchasing orders, managing projects, and sending invoices to so much more! — even to complete roofing inspections and service reports with before/after photos for your clients even before leaving the job site.

Our software provides your team with all the data they need to be in the know and manage their projects and work orders, all from their desktop or mobile device.

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Why Roofing Contractors Choose Dataforma Above Any Other Roofing Software

Dataforma was created by and for roofing contractors just like you! And just like you, we were tired of wasting our business’ valuable time and money with generic programs that were oversold and under-delivered.

That’s why we designed Dataforma to be the Best Roofing Software a contractor can buy! Our goal was to create the most powerful, integrated field service software for the roofing industry. While our original version of the software was robust, we never stopped working to improve the platform’s capabilities. Our single largest contributor to helping Dataforma become the all-in-one web-based business management system was our loyal contractors!

Over the years our customer base of construction professionals has provided us with suggestions on how we could make the product better. From the mobile app to GPS tracking to custom templates for invoices and service reports to the customer portal…..these improvements have made Dataforma the preferred field service management software solution for the roofing industry. It has everything your roofing operation needs to be successful, in one single easy-to-use platform.

We know how beneficial interconnecting services can be and how critical it is for our contractors to have fully integrated tools with the functionality to run a successful roofing operation. That’s why at Dataforma we always continue to develop integrations that simplify your daily workflow. As our field service optimization management software keeps evolving, our clients can continue to expect greater usability, streamlined communication, and better management capabilities.

Because our software integrates with Microsoft Outlook, you and your team can easily generate an Accounts Receivable invoice directly from Dataforma through your Outlook email account, manage correspondence, customize emails to suit your preferences, and more. Discover the benefits of advanced email functionality.

As a Dataforma user, you are able to seamlessly integrate Followup CRM, allowing you to centralize sales data and communication while tracking the lifecycle stages of your deals directly from your Dataforma dashboard. This integration allows you to more proficiently track deals, average orders, closing ratios, etc. none of your deals ever slip through the cracks! Discover the benefits of our Followup integration.

Dataforma Helping Roofing Companies
Unlock the True Potential of Your Roofing Business

We’ve helped thousands of users across the United States and Canada manage their roofing businesses successfully for almost 20 years— and we’re going to keep doing it!

Given our field service optimization management software’s capabilities and features, there are plenty of ways Dataforma helps you to improve your company’s processes by providing you with an all-in-one solution for managing and storing data and interacting with customers and teams in real-time while providing the best user experience for everyone involved.

Our cloud-based platform keeps all your business information and clients’ interactions completely safe. Some of our top network security features include:

  • Fortress-like protection against man-made or natural disasters
  • Hourly data backups and 24/7 system monitoring
  • Controlled user access and 128-bit data encryption
  • Expert IT support and multiple fail-safe points

Since we’re focused on helping roofing businesses, you can rely on Dataforma’s Software and trust our support team to help you continuously improve and expand your business.

Discover more about how Dataforma can be the key to your company’s success by scheduling a FREE DEMO now!


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