Bid & Proposal Management

Integrate efficiency and uniformity into your business workflow with Dataforma. Our versatile software provides a comprehensive solution for all your business relations, from potential leads to ongoing contracts, which enhances control and streamlines lead management.

Our cloud-based system ensures error-free data entry from the initial phone call, mitigating any risk of oversight or miscommunication. The benefits? You’re empowered with accurate, reliable reports at your fingertips.

As a commercial contractor, you understand the importance of effectively managing all leads and bids. Dataforma offers a structured platform for capturing and nurturing all potential business opportunities. Our software not only helps you track and follow every lead, but it also empowers you to create accurate, competitive bids that turn possibilities into profits.

Track Your Company's Bids

Harness the power of Dataforma’s easy-to-use bid tracking feature to command better control over your company’s bid management process. Our cloud-based software lets you track, monitor, and improve all of your bids in one central location.

This means no more second-guessing things and missed opportunities.

Dataforma is completely customizable, too, so you can enter all of your leads into our system and customize the sales statuses to match your company’s procedures.

Rapid Access To Your Proposals

Is your team struggling to navigate through lots of paperwork and disorganized project documents? Dataforma is a powerhouse web-based software solution that’s designed to help commercial contractors streamline operational processes, manage project information, and keep track of mobile employees with ease.

Giving you rapid access to your vital company proposals and in-depth reports is one of our stand-out features.

Whether you’re a roofer in charge of multiple projects or an HVAC tech handling a fleet of mobile workers, Dataforma ensures you can quickly view, monitor, and manage all your project proposals. Overseeing bid management, contract creation, and project initiation has never been this easy.

Make Informed Decisions From Real-Time Data

Along with proposals, Dataforma gives you access to comprehensive project reports. Keep track of progress, spot potential issues, and make informed decisions based on real-time data. Whether it’s a task completion report or a job status report, every vital piece of information is just a few clicks away.

Streamline Processes, Maximize Profit

All-In-One business managment software for commercial contractors and field service trades.

Track All Your Leads

Dataforma’s lead tracking feature helps you track all your leads — incoming, ongoing, and potential — all in one easy-to-access location. This makes keeping tabs on every lead becomes your new competitive edge.

Set up your own sales funnel within our cloud-based app that tracks every lead from start to finish. Integrate with FollowUp CRM to set reminders for your sales team to follow up with hot leads and send nurturing emails to leads who are still slightly unsure.

Our cloud-based software offers more than just managing contacts. Our lead tracking system boosts productivity across all your restoration, roofing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC projects.

You can even send quotes and estimates right from our system. Then, follow up with them to close the sale.

With Dataforma in your tech toolbelt, every lead is an unlocked opportunity.

Make smarter decisions...

Go paperless with Dataforma's cloud management software.

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