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Better Serve Your Customers through Cloud-Based Warranty Management

Warranties provide your clients with peace of mind, so they can be confident that the goods and services you supply meet a certain level of quality standards and will last and perform as advertised. That’s why maintaining a fast, accurate and organized system for dealing with warranty information goes a long way in building trust with a loyal, repeat client base.
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With Dataforma’s warranty management software, the documentation relating to manufactured products and workmanship for all of your projects is directly accessible from a secure, cloud-hosted system. Our warranty management system delivers an advantage for contractors by providing:

  • A secure, central database to permanently document, save and view all past, current, and pending manufacturer and workmanship warranties
  • Scan manufacturer warranty documents for easy upload and organization into the online filing system
  • Create customized workmanship warranty templates that can be printed or electronically transmitted directly to customers
  • Notify current clients of expiring warranties via automatic reminders, and market the opportunity for extended coverage and services

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Streamline Your Warranty Management System with Dataforma

Tired of letting unrelenting administrative tasks compromise your ability to provide timely attention and service to your best customers?

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