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Effective Contract Management

When you want to keep closer tabs on your business and run it more efficiently, it pays to have a better way to keep your contracts organized.

Dataforma is a web-based relational database program that provides a contract management system capable of storing all your project contracts and related document in a single space.

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Our easy-to-use software is accessible by mobile device , and it’s completely secure to protect your confidential business information. It’s a faster, more effective way to search, update, manage, edit and analyze every contract stored in your system. Dataforma contract management software benefits your business by giving busy contractors the ability to:

  • Quickly and easily enter contracts into a web-based business management system where you can view and update project/client status from first contact through completion
  • Enter detailed contract information ranging from invoice amounts to key timeline dates, and compare final project material and labor costs against initial estimates
  • Track pending and approved change orders to maximize each contract
  • Change the status of contracts and mark awarded projects as open in order to monitor workflow, scheduling, backlogs and work to be completed in real-time
  • Utilize a customizable message board/dashboard for a snapshot view of projected financial revenues for work on hand

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Contracts are the most important documents to any business, large or small.

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