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Mass Mailer Marketing and Email Communications

Poorly managed and designed mailing campaigns often do more damage to your business’s image than good. And paying an outside service to create a direct mail marketing campaign can be costly, time-consuming and involved. Luckily, Dataforma’s cloud-delivered contractor software and business management service delivers an economical way to generate original, effective mail and email communications directly from your client database.

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Our group mass mailer feature saves valuable resources while increasing your ability to market services, create long-term relationships and maximize revenue opportunities. Our integrated software system also helps contractors build a marketing base and engage past, current and prospective clients by providing the ability to:

  • Quickly create original “email blasts” in a few clicks from your secure database of client contact information stored in the system
  • Export content for mass mailings into a customizable, professional-quality letter document
  • Filter your database to select the specific customers you wish to send mailers to
  • Create and distribute newsletters, holiday greetings, service reminders and updates in a matter of moments
  • Add, edit and view all of your contacts from a cloud-delivered client communications database that’s accessible via mobile app for iOS and Android operating systems

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Dataforma provides a unified system that allows you to generate marketing, PR and sales communications from an integrated, cloud-hosted database.

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