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Staying on top of invoicing and collections is an integral aspect of running an efficient contracting business. Dataforma contractor-billing software provides a comprehensive solution for ensuring invoices are generated accurately, on time and delivered to the appropriate parties. The cloud-based platform stores your financial documents in one secure location to help you more closely monitor invoice status. This allows you to get paid quicker, control overdue accounts and improve organization-wide communication.

Dataforma’s software billing capabilities also allow you to quickly generate invoices directly from work orders , or by project, to expedite the process. The platform allows you to control access to financial information so you can share A/R data within your organization without granting full access to your accounting system. Additional benefits range from the ability to manage overdue invoices and track collections to generating detailed financial reports and restricting access to client credit in the case of an outstanding dept.

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Whether you’re a growing business or a large contractor overseeing multiple commercial projects across the nation, our scalable billing software makes it easy to manage all your accounts.

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