Correspondence Management

Remain in Closer Contact with Dataforma’s Correspondence Management Software

Clear communication and accurate correspondence documentation is crucial to well-organized, successful contracting businesses. With simultaneously scheduled projects in separate locations involving different work crews, our correspondence management solution ensures you always maintain control of client-facing and internal communications. No matter the size of your organization or the scope of your operations, Dataforma delivers a reliable correspondence management system that’s completely scalable to your needs now and as your business continues to grow.

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Contractors benefit from an advanced correspondence management system that lets you:

  • Document everything from phone calls, letters, faxes, electronic communications and meetings in a central correspondence management database
  • Support inter-office communication and information sharing for more uniformed, efficient and effective sales, marketing, collections and project management
  • Set automated reminders and create lists to ensure timely future communications and follow-through on related tasks
  • Create marketing campaigns and mass information mailers and emails with a few simple clicks
  • View correspondence notes and follow-up reminders on a customizable message board in your web-accessible homepage dashboard

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We’re the leading source of web-based business management services and software solutions for small to large contractors. Contact us to schedule a product demonstration that shows how Dataforma can save you time and increase profitability by more effectively managing your client correspondences and internal communications.

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