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Remain in Closer Contact with Dataforma’s Correspondence Management Software

Clear communication and accurate correspondence documentation are crucial to well-organized, successful contracting businesses. With simultaneously scheduled projects in separate locations involving different work crews, you need a way to communicate with and manage your teams quickly. Our correspondence management solution ensures you always maintain control of client-facing and internal communications.

Whatever the size of your organization or the scope of your operations, Dataforma delivers a reliable field service correspondence management system that’s completely scalable to your needs now and as your business continues to grow.
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Importance of Field Service Correspondence Management

The best field service correspondence management system should do more than track communication between the team. Correspondence management should be straightforward and help your crews accomplish more. Dataforma streamlines communication and creates personalized responses to customers, so you’re always ahead of communication.

Dataforma correspondence management works better than using a cell phone, allowing you to track, schedule and generate all of your key communications, both internally and client-facing. An automated system also eliminates reliance on difficult-to-trace email and paper trails between you and your customers. It keeps correspondence from falling through the cracks, helping you improve customer satisfaction and build lasting business relationships.

Benefits of Field Service Correspondence Management

Your contractors will benefit from an advanced correspondence management system that lets you:

    • Document all communication: Tracking down an important email from a year ago can be time-consuming and nearly impossible. Dataforma tracks and manages all correspondence between technicians and customers. Record everything from phone calls, letters, faxes, electronic communications and meetings in a central correspondence management database. You can also upload any file you can save on your computer into Dataforma. From there, you can search for and access these records whenever you need them.
    • Share important information with the whole office: Support inter-office communication and information sharing for more uniform, efficient and effective sales, marketing, collections and project management. Our correspondence management software offers complete customization for both company and user defaults, so you can save time on sharing and assigning administrative tasks. Using the Quick-Print function, you can generate and export templates for work orders, proposals and invoices for anyone on your team. You can also save time by pre-setting text for specific fields in a document, such as your business contact information.
    • Communicate efficiently: You can accelerate communication handling and response with Dataforma. Set automated reminders and create lists to ensure timely future communications, and use follow-up reminders to complete related tasks. In-system reminders within the message board can ensure that communication happens within a specific time frame.
    • Broadcast messages to a broader audience: Create marketing campaigns and mass information mailers and emails with a few simple clicks. Dataforma’s field service correspondence management software generates customizable mail and email communications from your customer database so you can ensure effective communication for any audience. Mass mailers like newsletters, updates, holiday greetings and service announcements can help you improve your relationships with past, present and prospective clients and maximize your revenue opportunities.
    • Stay ahead on correspondence: View correspondence notes and follow-up reminders on a customizable message board in your web-accessible homepage dashboard. The easy-to-navigate dashboard is the one place to open reminders, access client contact information and gain visibility into your company’s correspondence. You have a snapshot view of company information, financial data and submitted project proposals through the secure and encrypted digital interface. You can also customize your dashboard to view specific user information.
    • Satisfy customers with our customer portal: Effective client-facing communication is crucial. Through Dataforma’s secure customer portal, you can provide outstanding customer service without needing to pick up the phone. The secure portal gives your clients a place to engage your services, view their project’s progress and request more information. You can share documents, photos and other information in real-time, increase client retention and provide customers with a secure, interactive experience.

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We’re the leading source of web-based business management services and software solutions for small to large contractors. Our field service correspondence management software can help you communicate more effectively and improve your services.

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