How to Get the Most Out of Your Roofing Software

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The construction business landscape continues to evolve every year, and staying competitive means not only keeping up with the changes but also leveraging the best technology to propel the demanding schedule of running a roofing company.

As a roofing contractor, adopting Dataforma’s full-service software into your daily operations can unlock unprecedented operational efficiencies and keep you several steps ahead of the competition.

The best part is, you can multiply your results if you take the short time to ensure the adoption of new technologies within your team, as well as automate your processes to ensure fail-safe execution.

When you strive to maximize the abilities of construction CRM software like Dataforma, you get enhanced productivity, fewer human errors, and an improved bottom line.

Get the Whole Team on the Same Page

Deciding to use a robust CRM for roofers like Dataforma will be a game-changing decision for most commercial and large residential companies. The key is getting everyone on the team on board, and truly taking the time to implement roofing software into every aspect of the business.

From business owners to working crews and office staff, everyone should be trained and onboarded to use the software.

Any CRM won’t do, however. Data shows that businesses that use software tools that are designed specifically for their industry have much higher adoption rates, meaning they fully integrate their business with the software until it becomes a critical part of the way operations are conducted.

When software is bespoke to an industry it features more tools and options that feel natural to the user, making it easier to get started with right away. That’s what Dataforma aimed to do when we developed custom construction software that was designed with roofers, HVAC specialists, and electricians in mind.

The good news is that tailored software like Dataforma is easy to use, no matter your comfort level with the software. Whether you’re a tech whiz or more of the old-school kind, Dataforma is easy to use and will help streamline your workflows with a few taps of a button.

Dataforma Blog How to Get the Most out of Your Roofing Software

Harness the Power of Construction CRM Software

Say goodbye to the days of miscommunication and forgotten details. With roofing software like Dataforma, critical job information and insights are literally in the palm of your hand, accessible to anyone on the team.

Spending less time on tasks that can be automated leads to more time taking care of what truly matters – getting the job done.

While generic software might offer basic functionality at a slighter lower price, it tends to fall short of the many industry-specific needs of the roofing industry. Construction CRM software like Dataforma is designed to meet the unique needs of a commercial roofing contractor that’s juggling jobs, clients, staff and crew members, among other things.

It’s more than just project management, it’s full customer lifecycle management. Our easy-to-use application comes packed with the necessary tools to make your job smoother and faster, it’s almost like hiring a personal assistant for your entire organization.

With the following features, you can keep track of it all, from anywhere in the world.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Management
  • Invoicing Generation and Sharing
  • Work Order Generation and Sharing
  • Purchase Order Generation and Sharing
  • Document Storage and Management
  • Service Management
  • Field Service Time Tracking
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Leverage Automation to Streamline Your Workflows

Digital tools that replace crumpled pieces of paper are great – but automated tasks and reminders are even better. Now you can bid farewell to sticky-note reminders for good.

With roofing software like Dataforma, you can automate things like customer and vendor follow-ups, scheduling reminders, and even recurring invoices and payment reminders, making sure nothing slips through the cracks anymore, even on the busiest days.

For financial operations, it’s critical to have streamlined integrations with the world-leading accounting software, QuickBooks Online, like Dataforma does. Bookkeeping is a breeze with our QuickBooks Online integration, eliminating the need for time-consuming data import and internal financial auditing.

As you create and complete invoices and purchase orders in Dataforma, they automatically populate in Dataforma. When a line item needs to be updated in Dataforma, it’s automatically reflected in the corresponding QuickBooks file.

We deconstructed the typical contractor’s daily operations with painstaking detail, ensuring to build a helpful software tool that is flexible and to-the-point. Now thousands of users are streamlining their processes and growing their businesses.

Make Decision Based of Data, Not Hunches

“Throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks” might be the plan for roofers of years passed, but now they can harness business information right from Dataforma to influence all aspects of the job.

Roofing software like Dataforma lets stakeholders analyze performance metrics like sales conversion rates, labor cost efficiency, and project profitability, so you can quickly determine what works for your business – and what doesn’t.

Deep knowledge of customer interactions and satisfaction as well as customer behavior data allows sales managers to craft effective marketing campaigns with laser precision.

Make informed decisions with Service Management Reports that include data on work order status, technician performance, service request patterns, and more.

Discover how simple a financial forecast can be made when you have essential data points like cash flow trends, job profitability, and material costs and allocations.

With Dataforma, you won’t have to rely on your gut instinct and anecdotal data to make important decisions regarding your business ever again.

Your Results Will Speak for Themselves

When roofing companies fully utilize roofing software like Dataforma, they will see a dramatic improvement in the way their business runs and performs.

Our clients report closing deals faster due to improved customer communication and proposal creation. They also see their revenues increase as a result of improved efficiency and a steep drop off in administrative mistakes.

Now, you can stop worrying about meeting your customer’s expectations and instead exceed them in leaps and bounds. With your teams spending more time doing what they do best instead of poring over administrative tasks, they complete their job faster and delight your customers.

Roofing businesses that implement construction CRM software consistently outperform their dated competitors, and set themselves up for long-term growth and success. What are you waiting for? Deploy a CRM for roofers like Dataforma and watch your business climb to new heights!


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