Construction Project Management Tools Every Roofing Company Needs

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Software tools help business owners get more done with less errors. Streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction should be top priorities for all roofing companies.

There are a few basic software tools that help roofers do their best work without getting mired in loose paperwork, sticky notes, and messy, multiplying excel spreadsheets.

There are dozens of software tools that are guaranteed to make work faster, easier, and more profitable, from field service time tracking to employee GPS to document management, but there are a handful that truly stand out above the rest.

In this blog we’ll show you the top 5 tools, including roofing CRM software and digital invoicing, every project manager needs to work smarter.


Deadlines are so critical in construction that just one trade missing a goal can set a project back weeks or more. Now consider that most contractors are juggling multiple contracts at once, and a couple mental mishaps might mean serious trouble for a roofing company.

Scheduling is paramount to ensuring the right amount of crew members are on-site as well as keeping on top of important milestones and meetings with stakeholders, and thus makes strategically planning out a project schedule necessary.

But suffering through avoidable setbacks due to missed miscommunication should be a thing of the past in 2023.

A scheduling software that puts every meeting, task, and project in the palm of your hand will enable your team to work more efficiently across the board.

Drag and drop scheduling will help you assign the right team member to jobs that best suit their skills and avoid mismanagement of resources as well.

Dataforma has the top-rated shared calendar and schedule application for expert roofing companies that want to get the whole team on the same page.

Field service management software is critical to digital transformation and industry growth.

By investing in the right system, construction businesses can reap numerous benefits, including accelerated ROI.

Let’s dive into how Dataforma’s roofing software can help you:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM Software for Roofers)

Roofing customers expect more now than ever before. A roofing CRM software is a must-have in a time when roofing contractors can sometimes be considered untrustworthy or unresponsive (think of all those jobs where you’ve fixed another company’s work).

A construction crm software helps businesses break that stereotype with automated communication processes that make customers feel heard, informed, and up to speed on project details.

These days, if there are tools that keep customers in the loop, then customers want you to use them. These cloud-based softwares are great for many reasons:

⦁ They let you maintain high service standards by efficiently communicating with your clients.

⦁ You can stay on top of sales leads, which Dataforma users credit to closing more deals.

⦁ With more time to focus on the big picture, PM’s reap a sizable boost in project efficiency.

Softwares like Dataforma that have a customer portal, a place where customers can log in and see up-to-date statuses and information about their project, which help reduce the need for constant phone calls and emails. Stay committed to delivering top-notch customer service with Dataforma’s bespoke CRM for roofers.

Contractor Invoicing Software

For most of the last several decades, invoicing took weeks while data was collected and analyzed before cutting checks was even a thought. This used to be an unfortunate truth for all construction contractors, as paper invoicing and slow accounts payable departments resulted in delayed payments that often halted the beginning of the next project.

Now, an invoicing software that replaces the old carbon copy ticketing system will do wonders for your accounts receivable team. It’s easier for the customer as well, which means they’re more likely to work with you again in the future.

With invoicing software at your fingertips, you can rest assured you’ll never miss out on earned income again. Simply send an itemized invoice via an app and the client can pay right from the notification on the computer or mobile device.

Softwares like Dataforma have built in invoicing tools that pull data right from work orders and purchase orders, reducing the steps to getting paid by clients, and reducing the headache of chasing down money.

Service Management

Service management software has practically become a necessity for field service businesses. They allow you to track the progress of each job, from the first phone call to the final invoice.

They also give the user the ability to attach photos and other documents to projects in your field service software, ensuring document storage and sharing is tidy and easy.

With the ability to see all projects past and present, you can even find new sources of revenue from old clients.

For example: If you installed a roof for a commercial property two years ago, you could use project history to schedule new preventative maintenance services and maintain fruitful relationships.

Service Management softwares like Dataforma should allow employees to communicate project updates and progress with internal messaging, as well as determine the best next steps to take as the project progresses.

Proposal / Bid Generation Software

In the construction industry, the quick draw often gets the job.

By having a software that allows you to quickly and accurately create proposals you can get your company in front of the right decision makers faster than a roofer who needs to draft one up at the office.

Once your bidding software is set up with all of your business’s particulars, you’ll be able to quickly develop and send a custom proposal for the most lucrative jobs.

With proposal software you also have a catalog of all current and expired proposals, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on a bid because you forgot about it.

Bonus tip: schedule follow-up reminders and never let memory be the reason you miss out on an opportunity again!

Did You Know All These Tools Can Be Found In One App?

You may have guessed it, but Dataforma has all of these crucial features and more, all in one streamlined and easy-to-use application! Work from the field, desk, or airplane – anywhere you have an internet connection – and get more done in less time. Period.

While there are tons of softwares that claim they are the best at what they do, they often need to be used in conjunction with multiple other softwares to reap the same benefits as one Dataforma account.

Dataforma is the one-stop-shop to get your roofing business in the cloud and accessible by the whole team, so you can focus on the big picture of the day, and not spend hours in front of spreadsheets.

Dataforma Delivers For Roofing Contractors

With 12,000 users strong, Dataforma is trusted by hundreds of the nations best roofing contractors.

Roofers who use Dataforma report earning more revenue, faster project completions, happier long-term customers, and far less stress doing it all the old-fashioned way.

Implementing a custom roofing software like Dataforma will have a profound impact on your roofing business, just ask our current users:

“Our company has enjoyed generations of success in South Texas, but we knew there had to be a better way to accomplish the tasks our office performs every day.

This is what led us to Dataforma, helping our company track bids, photos, proposals, and all of our company’s information… my father is now even using his computer!”

⦁ Chris Fry, Owner at Fry Roofing Inc.

You’ll find yourself doing all the tasks mentioned above regardless if you use software or by hand, so give Dataforma a try and see how much better running a roofing company can be!


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