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Bids, service contracts, correspondences, warranties a?? running a busy contractor business often feels like you’??re drowning in paperwork. Not being able to locate the documents you need in an efficient manner can damage your professional image and cost your business revenue opportunities.

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With Dataforma management software, all of your vital information is securely hosted in a single, web-accessible database featuring quick and easy searching and sorting capabilities. In a moments notice, you can retrieve, sort, share and print files from virtually anywhere you can access the Internet. The Dataforma software and business management service makes it possible for busy contractors to:

  • Reduce time and effort spent searching and sorting traditional paperwork and randomly placed digital files. The completely integrated database with advanced searching capabilities means all the documents you need are always at your fingertips.
  • Perform detailed searches based on a wide range of criteria to locate specific files within the system. The in-depth search feature also makes it possible to quickly recall historic project and client data for research and analysis.
  • Search by date, time, type of work and even save your most important searches for ease-of-use
  • Reference and produce documents with single-click access. Search results and reports are displayed as real-time, active links in the customized Dataforma message board.

Search Faster and Smarter with Dataforma

Our intuitive, cloud-based software platform removes the frustration involved in quickly retrieving important documents. Click here for a detailed overview of how the system works and request a product demonstration today!

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