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Running a busy contractor business often feels like you’re drowning in paperwork, from bids and service contracts to correspondences and warranties. Spending so much time locating documents can damage your professional image and cost your business revenue opportunities.

Whether you already have a digital system or still rely on paper files, efficient document management is critical to your business’s success. Dataforma’s paperless, cloud-based solution is an excellent way to ensure your workers can access the information they need whenever they need it.

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The Advantages of Digital Document Management

As a busy contractor, you have limited time to organize your essential files and even less time to search through them later. If you’re still using paper documentation, it’s time for a change. Switching to a paperless system with document management capabilities lets you:

  • Prevent Document Mismanagement: Damaging, misplacing or losing important documents can negatively impact your company. A digital filing system keeps your documents safe from physical harm, providing peace of mind and confidence while conducting your business.
  • Expand Accessibility: Accessing paper files can be tricky in the field. If you bring papers out of the office, you risk losing or damaging them, while leaving them in the office means you won’t be able to reference them while on the job. Implementing digital documentation lets contractors access job-critical information anywhere they have an internet connection.
  • Improve Customer Service: When your clients need information, they want it as soon as possible. A digital system speeds up your search process and lets you meet your customers’ needs faster.
  • Increase Productivity: Workers who spend less time searching for documents have more time to work on projects, meaning your business can get more done in less time.
  • Optimize Organization: The more documents you have in a filing cabinet, the higher the chances of human error disrupting your organizational system. Digital filing systems, on the other hand, automatically retain their organization with no refiling required.

Dataforma’s digital database comes equipped with an efficient searching and sorting feature that makes finding your documents effortless. Regardless of file type or age, you’ll be able to retrieve what you’re looking for with ease.

Dataforma Makes Finding Information Easy

  • Reduce time and effort spent searching and sorting traditional paperwork and randomly placed digital files. The completely integrated database with advanced searching capabilities means all the documents you need are always at your fingertips.
  • Perform detailed searches based on a wide range of criteria to locate specific files within the system. The in-depth search feature also makes it possible to quickly recall historic project and client data for research and analysis.
  • Search by date, time, type of work and even save your most important searches for ease-of-use
  • Reference and produce documents with single-click access. Search results and reports are displayed as real-time, active links in the customized Dataforma message board.
dataforma securely hosts all vital information

Dataforma’s management software securely hosts all your vital information in a single, web-accessible database with quick and easy searching and sorting capabilities. You can retrieve, sort, share and print files at a moment’s notice from virtually anywhere, on any internet-connected device.

Dataforma’s field service and business management software makes it possible for busy contractors to:

  • Save Time: Find the documents you need quicker. Our completely integrated database’s advanced searching capabilities mean the documents you need are always at your fingertips.
  • Organize Files: Group files based on specific criteria like date, time and type of work to make locating documents easy.
  • Minimize Administrative Filing: Our software makes it easy to locate all of a file’s associated documents. When you upload a file to our system, Dataforma automatically links it to parent files like work orders or projects.
  • Search Effectively: Our in-depth search feature allows you to quickly recall historic project and client data for research and analysis. You can even save your most important searches for ease of use.
  • Quickly Retrieve Documents: Reference and retrieve documents with single-click access. The customized Dataforma message board displays search results and reports as active links, making it easy to get to the information you need.

Efficient Searching and Sorting With CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is critical to any field service business and effective CRM requires efficient document management and storage.

Dataforma’s Core CRM centralizes all of a client’s data, from work order history to job details. Each customer has a unique profile that houses their information and field workers can easily access these profiles through the Dataforma app or our web-based portal.

Having this information at their fingertips lets your contractors prepare for jobs and ensure excellent service. If customers have any questions about previous services, it’s easy to pull up their work order history and notes from other technicians.


Search Faster and Smarter With Dataforma

Our intuitive, cloud-based software platform removes the frustration involved in quickly retrieving important documents. Click here for a detailed overview of how the system works and request a product demonstration today!
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