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At any given time, a contractor might be managing multiple projects – each assigned to a separate work crew, located in a different area and at varying stages of completion. Whether you’re going out for an initial assessment, organizing labor forces, ordering work materials, or generating final invoices, field service software is an effective tool to remain informed and in control. With Dataforma’s service management software, you can understand key metrics to help your company thrive.

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Importance of Service-Tracking Software

Dataforma’s service scheduling software has innovative features that help keep everyone on your team on the same page, so you can maximize available assets and increase profitability. By organizing projects with Dataforma, your team can increase productivity and streamline the flow of information, ensuring that important details are always prioritized and easily accessible. Field technicians can update the job status and communicate more efficiently with the home office.

Higher productivity can, in turn, reduce your costs and minimize time spent on data entry tasks. Ultimately, service scheduling software can increase your customers’ satisfaction by providing them with a smoother, more organized service.

Benefits of Service-Tracking Software

Utilizing service tracking software provides contractors with the ability to:

  • Quickly Generate Work Orders: Manual data entry is eliminated with Dataforma’s service-tracking software. Digitally computing accurate work order details can streamline business processes. Our software also enables efficient lead tracking and generation, so you can make the best use of your marketing spending.
  • Schedule Work Efficiently: Service management software helps your company assign service crews in an efficient, sensible way based on location, job type and availability. Actions like scheduling, planning and dispatching your technicians can be automated and tracked in real-time. This data can help you improve productivity across your team and schedule dynamically. You can even manage your projects from your mobile app for scheduling on the go.
  • Organize Work Orders: A significant benefit of service management software is the ability to organize work orders. Dataforma’s software enables the dispatcher to drag and drop work orders to the assigned service crew. Work orders can be filtered by building location or type of work, making scheduling fast and effective. You can also organize teams and jobs with a color code based on status and completion for at-a-glance recognition. This feature is especially beneficial for complex, long-term projects.
  • Securely Store Data: With service management software, you can digitally capture and process job and customer data to improve efficiency. An accurate data collection program is invaluable, as it can help your team record and upload project information and documents for quick retrieval. You can retrieve important data from anywhere with an internet connection. Cost-capturing features also track expenses and analyze historical data to optimize ongoing maintenance service contracts.
  • Review Work Schedules: Dataforma saves a permanent history of the service schedule on all work orders for simple retrieval. You can color-code work orders by service foreman and crew through the software. Review schedules and edit calendars by day, week or monthly view to have a clear vision of approaching projects.
  • Generate Work History: With a paper system, past work orders and documents can be difficult to track. Service scheduling software keeps your work history, warranties, drawings and PDFs in one location, so you can easily search for or filter the information you need. With Dataforma, you can document project dimensions, materials manufacturers, products installed and more. All of the customer’s contact information is also attached to each project.
  • Manage Faster Invoicing: In some cases, invoicing can take weeks while data is collected and analyzed. Dataforma makes invoicing simple, with invoices pulling information directly from work orders to expedite the process. Share accounts receivable information and overdue invoices with your office staff so the team can work together to track collection efforts. Dataforma’s software also allows you to enter credit limits and put certain customers on credit hold.

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