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Tracking leads is a crucial internal function of businesses trying to streamline customer interactions and increase sales. Lead tracking can help you pinpoint areas of improvement in your marketing and sales process. However, having the right tools for lead tracking is a must, and using a single software solution has countless benefits to help your company streamline lead tracking.

What Is Lead Tracking?

Lead tracking is a marketing and sales process that tracks potential leads throughout the customer journey and documents lead actions and efforts. This process is an important step for marketing and sales departments to understand the customer journey, the success of their marketing campaigns and content and when to act on potential leads.

Both departments are responsible for tracking different information and sharing it. Marketing departments will collect information that helps them understand how and where their target audience is interacting with content, while sales departments will track where leads are along the customer journey to initiate interactions and lead them towards sales. Some lead types include:

  • Inquiries: At this stage, leads will initiate interest in a company, usually seeking information about a specific good or service they offer. Both departments can benefit from this information since this alerts sales about a new lead while providing marketing teams with content-related information.
  • Marketing qualified leads (MQL): When leads interact with marketing content, like webpages or social media posts, marketing departments will take that data and register it as MQL. This information is essential for improving marketing campaigns and determining what content is successful and reaching target audiences.
  • Sales qualified leads (SQL): As leads move through the sales process, sales teams will contact leads to help guide them towards the next step. SQLs will help them determine when along the customer journey and when to make that contact, helping to streamline the sales process.
  • Closed leads: When leads make sales, the lead closes. Marketing and sales teams can review their processes to pinpoint any pain points or gaps in marketing or sales processes for improved systems for future leads.

How to Track Leads

Tracking leads typically requires several software solutions or tools to connect sales and marketing and provide them with the information they need. Some teams even use spreadsheets to enter and view data manually. However, these methods can be tedious or inefficient. Using multiple tools can leave gaps in information, especially when transferring vital data across departments.

However, using one software solution can help your teams quickly access and use vital data to streamline the lead tracking process. When you use a single software, you can share data across departments efficiently while ensuring information is accurate and consistent. You can streamline communications while collecting and filing vital marketing and sales information.

How Dataforma’s Solution Can Help You Track Leads

New leads are the lifeblood of any business and a primary focus for contractors. Dataforma makes lead tracking easier and more effective with the Dataforma Lead Tracker. From entering new potential clients into your marketing database to following up on bids and coordinating your sales approach, you’ll get the comprehensive support you need to get the most out of every business opportunity.

Dataforma Lead Tracker allows businesses to:

  • Quickly add, view and print leads from a unified database
  • Assign leads to sales personnel based on the type of work, location and other factors
  • Instantly notify sales personnel of new leads assigned to them
  • Document lead histories and job prospects by specific clients and buildings
  • Conveniently administrate regular sales meetings in a secure digital environment
  • Collect lead data and generate reports to identify ways to market more effectively
  • Analyze lead close ratio analytics filtered by salesperson, client, size of job or type of work

Dataforma offers a one-stop software solution so you can have everything you need in one place as your company tracks leads. As a single automated service, you can ensure you have consistent access to all the information you need. With several functions, you can count on our solution to provide you with all the tools you need to carry out the lead tracking process.

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Track Leads with Dataforma

There’s an art and science to progressing leads from initial contact through proposal acceptance. Our Lead Tracker software for contractors simplifies your administration efforts of maintaining an accurate database of leads while keeping your sales team organized.

Request a full product demonstration of our lead tracking software today for a closer look at how Dataforma can help you get more out of your marketing opportunities.
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