Internal Reports

Generate Detailed Internal Reports with Dataforma

One of the major benefits of keeping meticulous track of your business accounts and activities is the ability to analyze operations from a broad scope of information.

Dataforma software provides a cloud-delivered database that makes it simple to upload, organize, save and review all of our documents from a single, secure platform. It’s also capable of generating internal reports that provide valuable insight into the most important aspects of running your business.

Best of all, our internal reports tools are easy to use, reduce paper work and lighten your administrative workload.

Dataforma internal reports provide small to large businesses with the ability to:

  • Generate accurate and insightful reports based on factual, documented information from your central database
  • Create focused reports on accounts receivable, open project status, work orders, inventory and more
  • Use filters to narrow down information for detailed reports on specific aspects of your business
  • Quickly gather data required for completing customer pre-qualification statements
  • Request and view reports from the convenience of your smartphone or web-enabled mobile device

Learn More about the Internal Reports Tool

Dataforma takes the legwork out of running internal reports on the critical aspects of your roofing contractor business.

Contact us today to request a product demonstration for a closer look at how internal reports capabilities place the important business information you need at your fingertips.
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