Customizable Dashboard

Dataforma’s Customizable Dashboard

Old-fashioned ways of storing important documents and communicating with clients and employees can actually be costing your business valuable resources.Contractor businesses that are focused on improving their bottom line are choosing modern ways to do everything — from storing client contacts and reviewing financial information to analyzing company performance and projecting future growth.

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Dataforma is a cloud-delivered document database and management software solution for contractors featuring a customizable home page dashboard where you can monitor, edit and analyze your business activities in a single, easy-to-navigate system. Dataforma’s customizable dashboard allows businesses to:

  • View important company information and financial figures at a glance on the system homepage
  • Review work on hand revenue projections in real-time, and open critical business data ranging from work orders to historic client information from a secure digital platform
  • Project future earning potential based on pending projects, submitted proposals, estimates and historical data
  • Customize your dashboard view based on individual user preferences and job responsibilities
  • See alerts on past due jobs without making single click


Innovative Software for Monitoring and Managing Your Business

Transitioning your business to the digital age doesn’t have to be overly complex. Dataforma delivers an easy-to-master business management and document storage system that’s safe to use and accessible from wherever you can connect to the Internet.

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