Bid Tracking For All of Your Staff

Bid Tracking

Creating and Tracking Bids with Dataforma Software

Your ability to generate new business and convert leads depends greatly on the quality of your project bidding process. Dataforma software is an all-in-one tool that makes it simple to quickly generate and track bids between all of your estimators.

Dataforma allows your staff to modify common language to quickly generate proposals customized to your specifications. Font, color and photos all print to make your bid stand out from the competition.

With Dataforma software, contractors gain the ability to:

  • Generate project bids in less time to close more leads.
  • View bids in a color-coded calendar sorted by client or assigned sales personnel.
  • Create customized bids that include your company logo, photos and layout of your choosing.
  • Change the status of bids and store documents in a secure, cloud-based system.
  • Access, edit and share bids in the field via smartphone or a web-enabled mobile device.
  • Keep bids organized by status, job type, schedule, salesperson and other applicable fields.
dataforma allows general contractors to track all bids

How Dataforma Will Put You Ahead of Your Competition

Dataforma software will streamline long-term maintenance projects for any business in the field service management industry — from roofing professionals to restoration contractors, HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers and more. Dataforma capabilities include powerful bid tracking software to help you request and manage bid proposals across all long-term maintenance and construction projects.

Bid management is a particularly time-consuming process when handled manually. Each project requires you to prequalify and invite subcontractors, as well as provide each invited bidder with the specifications, plans and other information needed for their proposal. Your sales staff will also need to send quotes and proposals to multiple customers.

Don’t let tight deadlines and complex documents lose you business deals. Get ahead of the competition by automating many of these tasks with a bid tracking system instead. Keep track of multiple bids for multiple projects and win more business with a fast and efficient turnaround time.

Automation with Dataforma can bring many benefits to the bidding process:

  • Save time with automated task notifications: Bid tracking software helps you automate quotes to speed up the bidding process. The time and effort previously spent generating estimates can be allocated elsewhere for maximum efficiency.
  • Introduce consistency across projects: Have greater control over your documents with every contribution from third parties entered directly into the same system. Your sales team can review and manage the entire bidding process in one place.
  • Secure all documentation: Most bid tracking software includes security features to let you restrict what each third-party contributor can see and do in the system. Ensure your staff, subcontractors and customers only have access to the project data they need.
  • Locate and access documents quickly: Keep all your bids organized without needing to switch between multiple systems. Your estimators, subcontractors, customers and other contributors can quickly access all necessary documents from a central location.
  • Utilize version control for all documents: Ensure all contributors are working with the most up-to-date version of a given document, even when several people use it simultaneously. Version control allows for real-time collaboration when editing documents.
  • Enhance remote working: Dataforma is a cloud-based system, meaning you and your sales staff can access project data from anywhere with an internet connection. Remote access will improve communications for more effective team and international collaboration.

Dataforma bid tracking allows general contractors to track all bids, bid outcomes, project details and sales staff contributions. Use customized forms to prequalify subcontractors, automate quotes and win more business with bid tracking software.


Increase Your Prospects With Bid Tracking Software

Dataforma capabilities include bid software that reduces the labor associated with assessing job costs and tracking lead conversion status. With our bid tracking software, sales personnel can show up at the job site, take pictures of the repair issue, transmit information back to the central office and generate an accurate bid before the end of the day.

Request a product demonstration and learn how to put our comprehensive roofing estimate and bid tracking software to work for your contracting business today!