What are the benefits of using Dataforma?
  • Your critical information is available from anywhere with a secure internet connection
  • Eliminates repetitive data entry
  • Eliminates the hassle and expense of data migration to new servers
  • Data is backed-up daily in our bi-coastal collocation facilities
  • Permanent centralized storage of data
  • Multiple office locations are no problem, data can be viewed simultaneously by several parties
  • No more separate piles of data – a fully integrated and interlinked relational database
  • Instant retrieval of building, project and business contact information
  • System upgrades are instantly available to you at no additional cost
  • Remove training available at your convenience
  • State-of-the-art technology at a small business price


What is the advantage to centralized storage of my data?

Relational power. Dataforma’s system is made up of several interlinking areas called “Modules.” You decide which modules to use and how extensively you want to use them. Although the modules can perform independently, they are designed to flawlessly integrate within the operations of each other – meaning that if you know one piece of information about something for which you are searching, you can locate any other piece of information related to that entity instantly.


How does your system integrate with my current accounting software?

Dataforma has the ability to export financial information out of the system into an Excel spreadsheet.


Why is Dataforma better than other contact management programs?

Dataforma does what the common CRM programs do and more. It provides real-time updates for business contact information and correspondence records integrated completely with your Dataforma calendar. The relational power of the system allows users to quickly find and group contacts. Alert functions help you track leads and follow up work.


Can I do mass mailings / emails out of your system?

Yes. Dataforma allows you to search and select a contact list that can be exported and used with your favorite work processing/emailing program to mail merge. Dataforma also has the ability to create simple letters directly out of the system’s Correspondence module.


Is it easy to customize your system to meet my business specific needs? How much does it cost?

Dataforma is very flexible. Most of the lists, search features and system settings are easily customizable by our users free of charge. Users can also hire Dataforma at an hourly development rate to develop company-specific templates that allow them to run customized reports.


Who is Dataforma?

Dataforma is the construction industry’s largest provider of web-based business management services that provides a web-based relational database program for any size business. Contractors use our system to manage project data, work order/invoicing processes, customer correspondence records, bulk mailings, company/personal scheduling, product information, and document storage from one place. Data in our system is inter-linked to provide extensive searching, sorting and reporting capabilities. Dataforma is a privately-owned company based in York, Pennsylvania and working with contractors across all 50 states.


How long has your company been in business?

Dataforma has been providing services to contractors since 2003. Our employees have a wide range of backgrounds including software design, contracting, financial services, teaching/training, and customer service.


What happens to my data if I leave Dataforma?

In the event that you decide to end your Dataforma subscription, we will provide you with an electronic copy and the export table data from your system.


How do I contact a Dataforma representative?

We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll free at 1-866-764-9992 or by email at



How reliable is Dataforma?

Our customer databases have been operating continuously since 2003.


What is the security advantage of going with a web-based system?

Our company’s focus is keeping your data safe and secure. By leaving IP operations to our well-trained professional staff, you can sleep knowing that the most qualified people in the world – the people who built your system – are maintaining and backing up your critical data. Furthermore, Dataforma servers operate in high-security, fortified, bunker – like hosting facilities designed to withstand threats ranging from petty theft to national emergencies so that no matter what crisis befalls your company or region, we’ll be running, and so will your business.


How secure is my data on the internet?

All user data is accessed via a secure (128-bit encrypted) website. Our encryption meets industry standards used by Fortune 500 banks, investment companies, etc. We monitor system performance 24 hours a day.


How often is my data backed up?

All user data is replicated and backed up hourly in each co-location facility. Data is saved to tape once a week for media redundancy. Tapes are stored off-site for further security. We monitor system performance 24 hours a day.


How much storage space does my company get?

Dataforma provides one hundred (100) Gigabytes of storage space per user company. Should you need it, additional storage space may be purchased at competitive rates. Please contact a Dataforma salesperson for more details and current pricing on these features.


Will my information be made available to anyone else for marketing efforts?

No. Dataforma upholds a strict privacy of information policy. We will never sell or disclose your company information to any third party. Your information is used solely for the purpose of providing our services to your company.



How do you price your system?

Customers pay a modest one-time activation fee which covers database setup and two days of on-site training with certified Dataforma system trainers. Thereafter, users pay a monthly access fee which covers data backup, technical support and all functionality upgrades. For further details on pricing, please contact Dataforma at


Why is Dataforma so affordable compared to other small-business software?

As a web-based application, Dataforma eliminates most overhead costs associated with the purchase and deployment of traditional shrink-wrapped software. While we believe web-based systems are a superior technical solution, great financial efficiencies are also gained by hosting many customer applications at one location under the management of a single dedicated and qualified technical team. Imagine no longer having to absorb the expense (and stress) of do-it-yourself server hosting, third-party backup solutions, expensive on-site technical staff, and frequent software upgrades. Leverage our team and we’ll pass the total-cost-of-ownership saving down to you in the process.


Do you provide the names of existing users that I can contact?

We display several customer testimonials on the Testimonials page of this website. We will gladly put you in contact with our referral customers after you have experienced a live demonstration of our product.

Start Up

What kind of computer setup do I need on my end?

All you need is a PC operating either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser software and a reliable internet connection. We suggest using a high-speed connection (DSL or partial T1 or greater) for optimum performance.


I have a database – how do I move my current data into Dataforma?

Dataforma associates work with you to electronically migrate all company, customer office, and business contact information from your existing system into Dataforma.


How do you handle technical support and upgrades?

Dataforma is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (by email and telephone) to answer any questions you might have. Most upgrades are free for subscription model users and come as a result of our users’ common requests.


How do I schedule a demonstration?

Customers can schedule a live internet demonstration with Dataforma’s Sales Team by emailing us at or calling us toll free at 1-866-764-9992. Demonstrations are free and last approximately an hour.

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