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Dataforma is the industry’s leading provider of CRM software for roofing, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and restoration contractors. We help professionals manage, track and store information digitally to avoid common business struggles and provide a centralized environment for all customer, human resource, transactional, building, project and service information.

Our video library serves as an extension of our business by providing contractors with access to exclusive content, front-end demonstrations of our software in use, and client testimonials. Click the links below to jump down to the content of your choice.

Dataforma Overviews

What is Dataforma?

Dataforma is the roofing and construction industry’s most trusted provider of cloud delivered business management services. Are you ready to take your business to the next level of organization and efficiency? Learn how Datatforma can help you do that.


Software How Tos and Front-End Demonstrations

How to Track Leads

Contractors can use Dataforma to track leads from tart to finish. Utilizing one screen to capture all lead information will reduce time spent on the phone with your prospective client and provides the most accurate information to the sales person.


How to Access Key Business Reports

Within seconds of logging into Dataforma, contractors are able to run a countless number of reports that will provide detailed information on the performance of the company. Learn more about the Project Source report, the Sales Activity report, the Work On Hand report, and the Work Order Cost report.


How to Create Customized Mobile Alerts

Wouldn’t it be great if your field employees were automatically notified when work was scheduled for them? By using the Dataforma mobile app, your field employees can receive push notifications for a number of items. Watch the video below to see it in action.


How to Create Customized Roof Inspections

Contractors can create fully-customized roof inspections through Dataforma and the Dataforma mobile app. Watch this video to see how it’s done.


How to Use the Scheduler

The scheduler provides Dataforma users with one scheduling tool across the entire company. Whether you would like to schedule a service crew, set an appointment for a salesman, or even create special events for an employee, the scheduler can do it all.


How to Run a Paperless Service Department

Having the ability to run a completely paperless service department was the initial reason why Dataforma was created over a dozen years ago. Watch how easy it is to create work orders, review the message board, and stay in touch with the crews in the field.



Key Features

Introducing the Mobile Time Card

Every contractor struggles with getting hours from their field employees. Missing time cards, disputes over hours, and redundant entry makes capturing labor and running payroll a challenge. Give your crews the ability to record their hours directly from their mobile devices!



Client Testimonials

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