Client Management (CRM)

Dataforma CRM is a pivotal solution in commercial contracting, where plumbers, HVAC techs, electricians, roofers, and other field service trades constantly strive to enhance client relations through smart technology. Our cloud-based client management software revolutionizes the flow, enabling commercial contractors to categorize leads, prospects, and clients into distinct groups for more effective communication. Customer Relationship Management is the key to turning leads into long-time customers.

Our CRM goes a step further in enriching client experiences. After adding a new project, users can utilize the client portal, a 24/7 access point for customers to view job details, invoices, work orders, and more… keeping them informed every step of the way. This scalable, secure tool is not only an information hub but also reflects your brand’s professionalism.

Does The CRM Allow API Integrations?

Yes, it does! Choose from a variety of API integrations to connect with additional tools like Gmail, Outlook, Quickbooks Online, and FollowUp CRM. These integrations can be used with our CRM to further elevate customer service, enabling timely follow-ups and personalized attention for every customer.

Improve Client Relationships

Improve your client management strategy with Dataforma’s CRM. It lets you meticulously create distinct groups of prospects or clients to streamline your correspondence.

Our cloud-based software allows you to effortlessly communicate with your prospects and clients, enabling you to send customized mailers to targeted groups. This way, your marketing hits the right mark every time, increasing your return on investment.

You can even simplify workflows further by integrating Gmail or Outlook directly with Dataforma. By integrating your current email software, you can easily access client communications, track important emails, and keep all project-related information handy. This speeds up your response time and ensures your team doesn’t miss any vital emails, overall improving customer relations.

Enhance Your Clients' Experience

Dataforma’s CRM helps ensure your clients know what’s going on every step of the way. There’s no longer a reason for your customers to wonder about progress updates and billing. The client portal gives them 24/7 access to job details, invoices, work orders, and more.

This scalable tool is fully secured and customized to reflect your brand. Through the branded customer portal, your clients can see professional-quality invoices complete with your company’s contact information and logo.

  • Track All Emails
  • Schedule Follow-Ups
  • Get Notifications & Reminders
  • Keep Everyone On The Same Page

Streamline Processes, Maximize Profit

All-In-One business managment software for commercial contractors and field service trades.

Manage Correspondence In One Place

With Dataforma’s correspondence management feature, you don’t need to worry about losing vital information or forgetting a critical meeting. It helps you track every important conversation with prospects and clients.

Dataforma’s cloud-based software creates an unalterable record of all your dialogues, ensuring that important points stay at the forefront.

Our CRM module allows you to set follow-up dates, ensuring that no prospect or client slips through the cracks. Your sales team can effectively manage all prospects and carry out follow-ups directly from the web or mobile application. This means that every potential sales connection gets the attention it deserves — another step towards outplaying your competition.

Our web-based platform doesn’t just empower your sales team. Project Managers can also monitor significant job discussions. This ensures that the entire office remains aware of critical dialogues, leading to improved coordination and project execution.

Make smarter decisions...

Go paperless with Dataforma's cloud management software.

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