You Asked, We Listened!

dataforma.thumbsupWhen our user companies tell us what they need, we do our best to make it happen.  Below are  a few recent requests we were able to accommodate.

1.  Allow users to create default directory structures for Building Areas.  Plus allow users to move documents to / from Building Areas

2.  Added functionality to show Work Orders ‘Open for XX Days’ in the Message Board.  This shows all Work Orders that are still in the status of Reported, Scheduled or In-Progress ‘XX’ Days from the WO Creation Date.

3.  Added functionality to show Correspondence records and Events ‘XX Days in the Past’ in the Message Board.  This shows the user recent past due Correspondence and Events in lieu of ‘all’ past due Correspondence records and Events.

4.  Added the ability to print Project and Work Order Checklists from the checklist views in Projects and Work Orders

As always….we thank you for your input.  You challenge us each day to reach higher.



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