Welcome Swan Roofing!

Swan Roofing from Plano, Texas is off to a flying start!  Upon our arrival for their first day of live training, Andra Schulz had already entered  580+ Buildings & Contacts!  AND it was perfectly implemented into the Swan Roofing database.  Wow!  She has proudly earned the title “Super User” on her first day.  Way to go Andra.

Andra, Monica & Lisa
Lisa,  Monica & Andra

Now the challenge  is on for other new Dataforma partner companies.  Enter more then 580 Buildings & Contacts before your training and earn the title “Super-Duper User”.   Bring it on!!

Thanks Swan Roofing for choosing Dataforma.  We are very pleased to have you as part of the family.  Hope to see you at our PSU meeting in November.







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