Welcome Ace Roofing!

Scott, Paul, Debbie, JIm, Monica (DF) and Client
Scott, Paul, Debbie, JIm, Monica (DF) and Clint

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been TWO weeks since our first training with Ace Roofing in Lafayette, Louisiana. With this company’s busy summer schedule, it was a challenge to find a good time to start the live training…but we did it and they LOVE Dataforma.

Clint and Scott seem to have a good handle on how the system works and were even able to set-up a couple projects before our arrival.  It’s always nice to hear that Dataforma is so user friendly that our partner companies feel comfortable trying it out as they go.  After our live training, I’m confident the rest of the crew has joined right in.  Thanks to Ace Roofing for having us to your work home and we’ll hopefully see you at PSU in November.



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