Operating a field service, maintenance or contracting company generally requires a few different software programs for various tasks, but we know how beneficial interconnecting services can be. We take all our users’ feedback seriously on ways we can add functionality and convenience to Dataforma.

It’s important to us that our clients have fully integrated platforms for their business operations. That’s why we continue to develop integrations with third-party applications to simplify your daily workflow with Dataforma. As our field service management software keeps evolving, you can expect greater usability, streamlined communication and better management of clients and contractors alike.

Current Integrations Available

Microsoft Outlook

Our field service software now integrates with Microsoft Outlook emails to offer many beneficial features that users enjoy with Gmail integration. You and your contractors have the ability to generate an Accounts Receivable invoice directly from Dataforma through your Outlook email client. Save valuable time by using fewer clicks to create correspondence and attach documents. Email fields are also customizable to suit your preferences.

You can configure your email account within the Email Integration section of User Settings. The Dataforma for Outlook plug-in is available from Microsoft AppSource and adds functionality to both web and desktop Outlook applications.

Dataforma users can also set up personal email signatures within the program. This feature ensures your invoice recipients know that the source contacting them about payment is trustworthy. Our field service software with email integration makes communication involving work orders more seamless for busy contractor teams.
Advanced Email Functionality

Followup CRM

Followup is a top CRM for the construction industry, allowing companies to centralize data and communication while tracking each stage of their projects.

Are you a Followup CRM user? As a Dataforma user, you can seamlessly integrate client or building information between our platform and CRM for Followup! You can send created data in Followup directly to your Dataforma dashboard.

Why integrate Dataforma with Followup CRM? It’s the advantage of leveraging your CRM capabilities within Followup while still benefiting from managing your service teams remotely within Dataforma. This connection gives your team more flexibility in tracking the project life cycle while keeping organizations and work sites together on one platform.

To get started with Followup integration as a Dataforma user, all you need to do is log in to generate an API key and get your service code. Learn more from Followup about how to enhance your Dataforma experience.|
Learn More About Followup CRM

Upcoming Integrations

We currently don’t have any integrations in the pipeline, but continue to check this page for an up-to-date list of any planned integrations.

Seamless Software Integration with Dataforma

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