She’s A Keeper!

amandamIn 2011, Amanda Miller started an internship with Dataforma and we haven’t been able to part with her since.  Matter of fact, she graduates from York College in December and has agreed to stay with us full-time!

While Amanda is our newest employee, she’s far from being a newbie with Dataforma or our clients. Chances are you have already talked with Amanda.  She is fantastic with addressing our client needs…plus she’s always happy. Great combo I’d say!

Amanda is eager to use her Computer Science degree by updating the DF Help Link, as well as, joining our development team to design new functionality and features.  As our first Customization Specialist, she will also work closely with our clients in customer service and training.

When Amanda finally shuts down her computer, she enjoys crafting, hanging with friends and watching a good horror movie.  There’s no scaring this young lady….she’s ready for the business world. (which can sometimes be more frightening then Freddie Kruger : )




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