Track Your Leads From Start To Finish

Track Your Leads From Start To Finish

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Track your leads easier than ever before with Dataforma! One screen captures all your lead information and will reduce the time spent on the phone with your prospective client.

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Welcome to the Dataforma Video Demo Series! Our first installment will focus on tracking leads.

When one is logged into Dataforma, clicking on the “New Lead” link will provide access to a one-page data entry screen. Utilizing one screen to capture all lead information will reduce time spent on the phone with your prospective client.

Contractors can create customizable, information-gathering questions, ensuring that whomever takes the call, they’ll be providing the most accurate information to the salesperson.

Through the lead entry screen, the homeowner contact information including address, phone number, and email should be documented. Additionally, your office staff will have the option to document the source of the lead and schedule the estimate appointment for a designated salesperson. If the estimate appointment is created, an immediate notification will be sent to the salesperson’s mobile device.

The lead tracker module is accessible through the Dataforma home screen, through a browser on a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Initially, a list view of all leads will be displayed. Leads may be printed out and distributed for your sales force who wish to have a paper copy in their hands.

To enhance the lead searching process, filters may be applied. One may search on a lead by date, type of work, lead status, or by a specific salesperson. The salesperson will be able to see contact information, the address, and any helpful notes that were taken during the initial call.

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