Complete Remote Service Management

Complete Remote Service Management

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The Rackley Roofing team loves Dataforma for its easy remote service management. The team is able to communicate and send information to the crews instantanously! 

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“So for us, we started using Dataforma about 7 years ago, and we grew from 1 service truck to now we have 22 service trucks, so for us it’s been huge!

We have multiple offices across the state of Tennessee, and we’re able to use Dataforma no matter where we are, because you’ve got the mobile app that you can use, and so, for us it’s great – we can dispatch from anywhere.

There’s been times on a Saturday morning that I’ve got an emergency roof leak and I can do all from the phone, and I don’t have to worry about being in my office, or you know, waiting for somebody to email me something.

The crews love it because all of the information is right there, and we love it because that data is instantaneous. When the crews get done with a roof leak, all of the information is there for us to check, and we can get an invoice out same day if we’re working good enough.

So, we love Dataforma.”

Michelle Boykin, COO at Rackley Roofing

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