Run A Paperless Service Department

Run A Paperless Service Department

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Run a paperless service department with Dataforma. Schedule a foreman or crew, easily track who was on the crew, how many hours they worked, document types of material and quantities, take and upload photos with comments, and even get customer signatures on the site.

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Welcome to the Dataforma video demo series. Our sixth installment will focus on completely paperless service departments. Having the ability to run a completely paperless service department was the initial reason why Dataforma was created over a dozen years ago.

To create a work order, first run a search on the address where work is to be done. The address can be easily accessed from the quick finds search feature on the home screen. The building file will house all history of work on the address. The user will click on the new work order link found in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

From this point, only a few fields must be field must be filled in to properly create the work order.

Once the work order has been created, the work order will appear in the message board on the home screen in the reported queue. The message board on the home screen will serve as your 30,000 foot view of your service department. One will never lose track of a work order in Dataforma following the different statuses that are found on the message board.

The work order calendar will be utilized to schedule a foreman or a crew. Drag and drop functionality exists to expedite the process. Once a date and foreman is selected, a notification will be sent directly to the foreman’s mobile device.

When in the field, the foreman will have the ability to document who was on the crew, the hours they worked, document types of materials and quantities they used on a repair, take and upload photos with comments attached, and even receive a customer’s signature on site before the guys leave.

As crews complete work in the field, the message board on the Dataforma home screen will automatically refresh throughout the day. An admin level user will click on the Completed To Be Approved link on the message board.

This will give them the ability to quickly retrieve a completed work order, review and approve what was documented by the foreman in the field, and see a complete cost and profit breakdown of the work order prior to creating the invoice.

An invoice can be created directly through the work order and can be sent to the customer via email, printed and mailed, or the invoice can be released directly to the client through the Dataforma client portal. Invoices can be customized to a contractor’s look and feel. If a contractor utilizes an accounting software that accepts an import,

Dataforma can create an export of information to the accounting software to greatly reduce the duplicate entry of data.

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