Dataforma Client Portal Testimonial

Dataforma Client Portal Testimonial

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Client Portal from Dataforma gives 24/7 real-time access to client’s information. Internal teams and clients have transparency thanks to Dataforma’s client portal.

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Are you losing opportunities because you don’t have someone answering the phone at all hours? Are you using Dataforma Client Portal?

Here are some of the benefits of the Dataforma Client Portal:

  • 24/7 real time access to contractor clients to see work history by individual building complete with selected digital photos and invoices
  • Work order reports are instantly emailed to select members of your staff as soon as the request has been made
  • You can decide who in your company is notified when a work order is created
  • Your clients can report work orders in realtime from a link off of your company’s website

Here are some examples of how the Client Portal has helped Dataforma users:

“The customer portal has been such a beneficial impact to our business with being able to share information with not only within our company but with our clients, as well. Facility maintenance teams are able to log in, see the photos, see the billings we’ve shared with them; it’s just been a fantastic transparency that we have. We’ve have roles that have changed where a facility maintenance manager retires and a new role comes in, and we’re able to share that information and pick right up where we left off. It’s been crucial to our business.”

– Tim Magoon, General Manager at Supreme Roofing

“Very often customers will say, “It’s leaking in the same place.’ Then you look at the drawing and it’s 50 feet from where you were, or 200 feet from where you were, and you know, that’s a constant issue for us. So, this really does it, but the best part is communicating to clients the clarity of what you found, how you fixed it, what it looks like after, that’s a big deal for us.”

– Jamie McAdam, President at F.J Dahill Co. Inc.

“It’s a great sales feature for us to sell the job and give them the Portal to be able to supervise the job. We did a $2 million condo project last year with the Board and the consultant. We were averaging $15,000 worth of change orders a day sometimes, and the consultant approved the change orders via our description of work, our report, and the photographs, and approved change orders off the Portal without doing a site visit of the project.”

– Michael Meyer, President at Canopy Roofing Systems

Are you taking advantage of using the Dataforma Client Portal?

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