Create Customized Inspections From Your Mobile Device

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Create fully customized roof inspections checklists, add photos, take notes and email clients directly from the field with the Dataforma mobile app.

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Welcome to the Dataforma video demo series. Our fourth installment will focus on creating customized roof inspections from your mobile device. Contractors can create fully-customized roof inspections through Dataforma and the Dataforma mobile app.

When creating the work order, setting the type of work to inspection will then trigger various subtype options. The chosen subtype will determine which checklist of steps the inspector will see on their mobile device.

Contractors have the freedom to set a specific number of steps and phases for their checklist depending on the type of roof systems they will be inspecting.

When conducting the inspection through the Dataforma mobile app, the inspector will have the ability to add comments and photos and directly associate them with each step in the inspection process.

Upon completion of the inspection, a customized report will be generated with the contractor’s look and feel directly on the device that was used for the inspection. It is important to note multiple photos can be taken for each inspection step. The inspector will have the ability to email the client directly from the field. However, if your office staff prefers they do not have that ability, it can be restricted.

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