Access Your Key Business Reports With A Single Click

Access Your Key Business Reports With A Single Click

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With Dataforma, contractors can easily track KPI’s by running reports on Project Source, Sales Activity, Work On Hand, Work Order Cost, as well as other custom reports!

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Welcome to the Dataforma Video Demo Series! Our second installment will focus on running reports and tracking KPI’s.

Within seconds of logging into Dataforma, contractors are able to run a countless number of reports that will provide detailed information on the performance of the company.

The first report we’ll take a look at is the Project Source report. The purpose of the Project Source report is to show a summary breakdown for the sources of all projects.

Each source will tell the contractor how many projects have not been bid yet, how many have been bid, how many we’ve contracted with, a bid to contract close ratio percentage, and a percentage of total sources. This report will help contractors analyze if a lead source is worth their time and money.

The second report we’ll take a look at is the Sales Activity Report. The purpose of the Sales Activity Report is to show for each salesperson the total number of leads they’ve received, the total number of bids they’ve generated, and the total number of contracts they’ve been awarded over any date range. This will allow the company to see an overview on how active their salespeople are.

The third report we’ll take a look at is the Work On Hand report. The Work On Hand report can actually be accessed directly through the message board on the home screen. The purpose of the Work On Hand report is to show contractors all open contracted work. It will give them a contract amount in dollars, how much they’ve invoiced, and how much is remaining to be invoiced on the job.

The fourth report we’ll take a look at is the Work Order Cost report. This report will show a breakdown on a work order by work order basis on the costs of labor, material, and other charges. It will also give the contractor a total cost per work order, along with a gross profit dollar amount and gross profit percentage.

Contractors also have the ability to work directly with the Dataforma staff to work on creating customized reports that’ll pull directly out of Dataforma that are more aesthetically pleasing.

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