Remembering Ryan

Team Remembering Ryan
Team Remembering Ryan

Some find inspiration in star athletes, political leaders or even famous personalities, but here at Dataforma, we take great inspiration in one of our very own, Shelly Thompson.

As you may know, last year Shelly lost her most beloved son, Ryan.  While each day is a challenge to continue on, she does so with the strength and grace we all hope lies within us.  She also proves the old adage to be true… a mother’s love is never ending, nor is her job ever done!  Ryan was a kind, young man that did good things in his life and now with Shelly (and her husband Randy) carrying the torch, they continue to do great things in Ryan’s name.

This past weekend, a team was formed to honor Ryan and raise money & awareness for Suicide Prevention. Shelly is also working to bring support and awareness to our local schools.  Her mission is to help others (if only one) find their way out of the darkness.  With her spirit, I have no doubt she will make a difference.  If you would like to make a donation or just become more aware, please visit:



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