Red River Roofing Grows w/Dataforma

red river roofingAllow me to introduce two SUPER ladies with SUPER user status.  Yes, it’s true…Carol and Luanne of Red River Roofing and Construction in Edmond, Oklahoma have been utilizing Dataforma for over 5 years, but that didn’t stop their request for a follow-up training.  Red River is expanding  their database,  yet once again, and it’s fantastic to be included in their growth!

This week, our advanced training with many of the project managers, focused on reviewing the Project Detail tab for job cost (now up and running thanks to the super users!) and we also had time to elaborate more on Purchase Orders and the DF Mobile App!  They are all set to continue on in a big way.

No worries for this team! Well, maybe just one worry…..if our trainer could  figure out a way to smuggle  Carol & Luanne onto a plane headed for the Dataforma office, they might just go missing.  Hmmm…wonder if they can write code too? : )    Just kidding Steve!!  You’ve got a top-notch team and we’re so pleased to work with them.  Great seeing the 3R crew once again.





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