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Watch Your Business Grow With Google Maps Integration

As a busy contractor simultaneously managing numerous projects and work crews, it’s important to maintain oversight of everything from location and transportation to asset deployment.

Dataforma is an all-in-one, cloud-delivered business management and document storage solution featuring full-integrated Google Maps capabilities.
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With detailed directions and maps available with a single click while working in the general database, it has never been easier to ensure everyone within your organization is moving in the right direction.

Dataforma’s Google Maps integration benefits contractors by providing the ability to:

  • Generate a snapshot view of all open job locations on an accurate Google map
  • Search projects using filters to create Google Maps by type of job, roof system installed, specific customer, assigned work crew and more
  • Instantly provide directions between your office, projects and work order locations using the “Get Directions” tool
  • Search by address to pinpoint your exact project on the Building and Work Order general information page with single-click access to view the location in Google Maps
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Steer Your Company with Google Maps Integration

Dataforma is an easy-to-navigate business management system for contractors that’s loaded with time-saving features and powerful, web-enabled tools. With Google Maps integration, the directions or location information you require is always at your fingertips — whether you’re accessing the system by personal computer or connecting via web-enabled device.

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