Document Management

The Advantages of Paperless Software

A major challenge for busy contractors is keeping essential documents organized and accessible. A single misplaced contract or errant invoice can have a negative effect on your business. With Dataforma file management software, you’ll never have to dig through stacks of unfilled papers or spend frustrating hours searching computers for the information you need. Everything is automatically stored in an organized, digital environment that’s simple to use and accessible from any location.

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Dataforma contractor software puts administrative filing duties on autopilot by allowing you to:

  • Add any type of file on your computer system into the Dataforma paperless software database
  • Improve organization by storing documents by work order, project or building for easy retrieval
  • Automatically reduce the size of large photo files for quicker uploading and reduced storage requirements
  • Access documents such as contracts, work orders, invoices and warranties from your smartphone or web-enabled mobile device
  • Open, move and transmit multiple documents with simple drag-and-drop controls

Modernize Your Document Management with Dataforma

The responsibilities of running a successful business involve more than providing clients with exceptional quality and service. Administrative organization is equally important to ensure you maintain accurate and available documentation.

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