Document Management

The Advantages of Paperless Software

A major challenge for busy contractors is keeping essential documents organized and accessible. A single misplaced contract or errant invoice can have a negative effect on your business. Physical documents also aren’t accessible from the field, and they can get lost or damaged. Modernizing your business with paperless software for trade experts can help you stay ahead of these issues.

With Dataforma file management software, you’ll never have to dig through stacks of unfilled papers or spend frustrating hours searching computers for the information you need. Everything is automatically stored in an organized, digital environment that’s simple to use and accessible from any location. 

Whether you’re in the field or the office, you can access Dataforma through a web browser or native iOS and Android app. Plus, document uploads occur immediately, so team members back at the office can access files right away.

Dataforma is a comprehensive solution for trade services document and image management software. It supports completely paperless operations for service fields like roofing, electrical, HVAC and plumbing. Workers can upload and access files easily and enjoy a range of features built for efficiency.

Dataforma contractor software puts administrative filing duties on autopilot by allowing you to:

  • Upload a range of file types: If you can save it on your computer, you can upload it to your Dataforma paperless database with an easy drag-and-drop interface.
  • Improve organization: Uploaded files are linked to a parent file, such as a work order or project, so it’s easy to see everything associated with it.
  • Resize photos: By automatically reducing the size of large photos, you can minimize storage requirements and upload files faster. If you’re working on-site with spotty cellular service, smaller photos can significantly boost speeds and help you finish work sooner.
  • Access files from anywhere: Access and upload your contracts, work orders, invoices, warranties and more from your desktop or web-enabled mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet.
  • Save space on your device: When you send your files to the cloud, you free up room on your device, whether that’s a phone or computer. You can keep your device running smoothly and save room for other files and apps.
  • Keep files secure: Physical documents can be damaged, lost or stolen, but files stored in Dataforma are only accessible with user credentials and protected by robust data security standards.
  • Work efficiently with third-party integrations: Dataforma links up with other digital tools, like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, so you can reduce the number of clicks per invoice and streamline your emails.
  • Work faster: Speedy uploads mean there’s no lag between the office and the field. A commercial trade services document management platform puts the same data from the office in workers’ hands. Files are available anywhere workers have internet access, allowing the whole team to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Simplify your data: Paper systems can be disconnected, with files stored in multiple places and only accessible by one person at a time. Dataforma puts documentation in one place for better visibility and access for all team members.

Modernize Your Document Management With Dataforma

Running a successful business calls for more than delivering exceptional quality and service — administrative organization is also essential. It ensures you have accurate and available documentation that helps you work more efficiently.

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